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Ryattenoki is an npc. He wanders around Bes Pelargic, or wherever some luckless player has dragged him, attempting to sell his haddocks.

He is quite chatty, and can be a good source of Agatean tms.

If he's not already following someone, and he spots a player, he almost immediately start following them around, trying to sell them a haddock. Unlike with normal pursuit, he can follow through Divine Hand and will cost the performer the extra gp for having a passenger.

He is immune to many things, such as being attacked, Fear, Stasis, and drowning. You can, however, get him to stop following you in any of the following ways:

  • Flying away on a broomstick.
  • Losing him, then passaging away.
  • Entering a restricted area, such as religious instructor rooms.
  • Using certain magical "exits", such as the one to the middle of the garden in the Artificers' Academy, or touching the runes in the entrance of the Academy.
  • Going to the top of the Tower of Art in Unseen University, tying the rope to yourself, and jumping (there may be some danger to this).
  • Getting another player to "offer" him rhinu for a haddock, making him follow them instead (they don't have to actually buy one).
  • Buying a haddock from him (you can haggle the price down by offering him one rhinu for a haddock and increasing your offer by one rhinu each time... you may still find the price high, though).
  • Waiting, as he will eventually get bored and go away.