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The artworks on display here include

Lucien Hayfield's "Roast Pork With the Trimmings"

Considered his finest work, this collage features the favourite meal of Lucien Hayfield: roast pork with all the trimmings. With what critics call a stroke of genius Lucien decided to immortalise this delightful dinner by sealing it behind glass. It took the work of a team of wizards and a chef under Lucien's direction to create the final masterpiece seen here: two slices of pork (with crackling), apple sauce, roast potato, mashed pumpkin and a serving of peas, all perfectly preserved.

"Fish Tapestry" by an unknown artist

This tapestry seems to be of considerable age and, despite the best efforts of the Museum's restorers, the threads have worn through in some places. It is still possible, however, to see the pattern of fish on the hanging. The colours are faded, but it is clear that the tapestry was once a sea of bright red, blue, yellow and green fish of different varieties.

Ana Stapleton's "Just Peachy"

A painting of a peach tree in fruit. While up close the green swirls that make the foliage and large swirls of orange and red which represent the peaches do not convey much in the way of peachiness, from a distance the effect is quite good. The painting is completed with blobs of brown paint for the trunk and branches.

Desmond Darley's "Bowl of Fruit"

Done with oils, this painting features a white porcelain bowl sitting on a table covered with a blue tablecloth. In the bowl is an orange, two red apples, a bunch of grapes and a plum.

James Redmon's "Cabbages"

This is a pretty little watercolour of a field of cabbages. Several farm labourers can be seen toiling over the brassicas in the background.