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The Roary Pig is the trophy awarded to the Ankh-Morpork Assassins' Guild house that wins their Assassins' Loft Building competition. This also marks the beginning of a secondary event, the nicking of the pig.

Tradition between Assassins and Thieves

A long standing tradition of competition between the Assassins' and Thieves' Guilds is the nicking of the Roary Pig. For three discworld days after the Judging of the Lofts, the Assassins' great trophy, the Roary Pig is on display. During this three day period it is traditional for the PK members of the Thieves' guild to go in and 'nick' the Roary Pig and for the Assassins (also PK of course) to 'nick' it back. At the end of the three discworld days whichever guild has managed to keep the trophy the longest gets to display the trophy for the year.


When the lofts are judged the Roary Pig is awarded to the winning house.

A pink papier mache pig looks at you proudly, if somewhat lopsidedly.  It has a happy curl on its tail and looks like the sort of cheerful pig one might find painted on the sign of a roadside inn wishing to advertise its roast pork.  About the size of a cat, the pig is mounted on a neat surface of polished ebony carrying the silver crest of the Guild of Assassins, offering quite the style contrast.  No one is quite certain why the Roary Pig is indeed a pig and not, say, a bat, a dog, or a rabbit or why such a trophy is awarded to the House to win first place at Lofting.  It's Tradition at its finest.

It appears to have something written on it.

You read the Roary Pig and the small label stuck on the Roary Pig:
The Roary Pig has been awarded to:

Viper House in 2024
Raven House in 2025
Scorpion House in 2026
Viper House in 2027
Tree Frog House in 2028
Raven House in 2029
Black Widow House in 2030
Cobra House in 2031
Black Widow House in 2032
Cobra House in 2033
Raven House in 2034
Scorpion House in 2036
Scorpion House in 2037
Tree Frog House in 2038
Raven House in 2039
Black Widow House in 2040
Tree Frog House in 2041
Viper House in 2042
Viper House in 2043
Black Widow House in 2044
Viper House in 2045
Raven House in 2046
Raven House in 2047

On the small label is written:
Written in dark turquoise ink:
Thieves Rule! Assassins drool!


This is an example of the message that gets posted when the Roary Pig event begins.

Note #15 by Secretary of the Assassins' Guild at Sat Jun 4 03:05:50 2016 [California PDT] on board assassinsguild

The lofting season has now ended and Scorpion House has been
awarded first place for its loft.

The Roary Pig will be on display in Scorpion House's loft for
three (Disc) days after which time it shall be placed into the
trophy cabinet.  While it is in the loft, assassins should be
extra vigilant in case of theft from those rogues across the

Joining - December 2020

This opt in version was probably a one off.

In December 2020, the nicking of the Roary Pig was an opt in PK event available to anyone (NPK and PK). Members of other guilds could also join in to assist either the Assassins or the Thieves.

Although this event is meant to be a friendly PK event, you should vault anything that is truly precious to you before joining the event.

To participate in the event and join the 'roarypig' PK clan:

1. Go to either Stippler (in the assassins' guild) or Kordane (in the thieves' guild).

2. Type "consent to participate in roary pig". This will make you part of the roarypig PK clan, and allow you to PK-interact with all other members.

When you've had enough you can leave at any time with the "remove roary pig consent" command in those same rooms. 'Note: Kordane says to type "remove lofting consent". this failed when actually attempted.'

> consent to participate in roary pig

You hereby consent to participate in the Roary Pig event.  While participating, other participants may kill you and steal from you; and you may do the same to them.  You can stop participating at any time in this room using "remove lofting consent".

These powers are intended SOLELY for participation in the Roary Pig event.  Do not abuse them to cause grief to players outside the scope of the event.  Even so, please be prepared that accidents and misunderstandings may happen; it is advised to not carry equipment that you are not prepared to lose.

Do you agree with these terms? [Y/N]

> y

You indicate your consent to participate in the Roary Pig event.  Enjoy!

> who roarypig
----------------------==========]  Discworld  [===========---------------------
Stormrider Cops Arbah'stads the Crafty Master Law Breaker
Lady Emily von Schaf the Guildmistress of the Thieves' Guild, Thief of Hearts, Knotscape Navigator
Hezzel the Awesome Gouger, Djelian Delicacy
Martinez the Master of the Assassins' Guild, DAlSc, MC, MPE, Dux, Teaching covert, FBI Agent
Waggoner the Fourth Level Wizard
------> There are five members of this group of people on the Discworld. <-----

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#1 Roary Pig event this weekend
Note #37 by Pit at Mon Dec 21 16:12:42 2020 [EST] on board frog

On Mon Dec 21 20:35:31 2020, Martinez wrote on the Playerkillers board...

> Since the month of Offle has concluded the Assassins' Guild loft building
> phase has ended. That leaves me the job of assigning a winner, and the Roary
> Pig event.
> The Roary Pig is a PK event where people try to nick the pig from the AM
> assassins' winning loft to the thieves' guild trophy case, or the other way
> around.
> Whichever guild has had the pig on display for the most time at the end of
> the event wins and gets to keep the Roary Pig on display until the next
> event!
> This event will start directly after I assign the winner, and will last for
> 3 days (so about 21.5 hours).
> The plan is to do this the coming weekend:
> Start time: 14:00 Saturday 26 December (UTC)
> End time: 11:36 Sunday 27 December (UTC)
> I'll add this same information to an in-game event, which you can check with
> "events view Roary Pig".
> If you have your local time set in-game then this should also display the
> start and end time in your local timezone.

And to follow up on this... This event now requires participants to be members of the RoaryPig clan, not the Playerkillers clan.

What this specifically means:
* everyone (PK or NPK) can participate by consenting at either Kordane or Stippler;
* while playing, every other player who has consented can interact with you as a PK, so stealing, killing, etc.;
* you can stop playing at any time (again, at Kordane or Stippler) and join back in on the fun later.

This is intended to be a level of friendly PK like in PK weekends, but with a specific focus on defending/stealing the Roary Pig.

Bulletin Boards: Frog
Re:#3 Roary Pig event this weekend
Note #39 by Pit at Mon Dec 21 16:16:27 2020 [EST] on board frog

On Mon Dec 21 21:14:55 2020, Geiger wrote:
> On Mon Dec 21 21:12:42 2020, Pit wrote:
> > Rory Pig Stuff
> So I assume if we consent and get something stolen, its stolen just like
> normal yea?
> Just wanna confirm that.

Yes. Everything works as it normally would in PK.

Trophy Locations

Assassin's Winning Loft

The Roary Pig first appears in the loft of the winning Assassin house.

Lofts are on the roof of the Ankh-Morpork Assassins' Guild.

For thieves the easiest way to get there may be to climb the wall at the southwest corner of Peasant Parade. Then climb up four more times to the full roof.

A black-clad assassin enters the room and puts the Roary Pig on display before stepping into the shadows.

This loft is built from a selection of second-hand building materials, gathered by the members of Scorpion House.  Some thought has gone into its design, gifting it with a better than average appearance.  A variety of scavenged posts have been used to create the supports of the loft.  Broken pine tabletops and other planks have been used to form the walls of the building.  Tiles of different shapes, colours and sizes cover the roof which is supported by a blood red roof beam, three crooked beams and two warped pine beams.
There is one obvious exit: west.
The Roary Pig is on display here.

Thieves' Trophy Hall

After the trophy is nicked from the loft, it is transported to the hall one north of Kordane in the Ankh-Morpork Thieves' Guild, beside their trophy cabinet. This is located just up the stairs from the entrance hall (usually referred to in conversation as their guild 'foyer').

When the trophy is nicked from the Thieves' Guild it is transported back to the Assassins' Loft where it began.

A thief enforcer enters the room and puts the Roary Pig on display before stepping into the shadows.

[Main Hall of the Thieves' Guild]
A long hallway begins here, leading west across the entirety of the guild building that was once a court house.  A grand double stairway leads downward to the east into the entrance hall.  Sandwiched between the offices of the Guildmistress and the Recruit Master, this section of the corridor has been converted into a display of items stolen from the Assassins' Guild.  As such, both the north and south walls are covered with pairs of frilly pink silk underwear, most of them embroidered with the names of their former owners.
There are four obvious exits: down, north, south and west.
The Roary Pig is on display here, a lit torch is in a torch holder on the wall, a trophy cabinet is mounted on a wall.


From the assassins

> nick pig
You quickly grab the Roary Pig while no one is guarding it.
You temporarily stop trying to be inconspicuous.
A thief enforcer suddenly appears and takes the Roary Pig from you, saying: "Good work!  I'll make sure that gets to Kordane safely."
The thief enforcer vanishes into the shadows.

From the thieves

Acalyn Frostholme emerges from the shadows and grabs the Roary Pig, deftly avoiding Jeush Viras as he attempts to shove her back.
A black-clad assassin suddenly steps out of the shadows and takes the Roary Pig from Acalyn Frostholme, saying: "Excellent, I'll make sure that is returned to its rightful place."
The assassin melts into the shadows.


After you have nicked the Roary Pig, it is important have members of your guild 'guard' it. Use 'guard trophy' or 'guard pig' while in the room with the Roary Pig.

There is a skill check when trying to nick the pig if it is guarded.

> guard pig
You start guarding the Roary Pig.
> nick pig
You sneak up to the Roary Pig and try to grab it but someone spots you and, with a mighty shove, sends you tumbling to the ground.


The following two achievements can be earned for nicking the pig from the assassin's guild and for nicking it from the thieves' guild.

Achievement: Pignapper
Achievement: Pig Rescuer

Object Helpfile

The following help file isonly available when in the room with the trophy.

help Roary Pig

Roary Pig                     Discworld player help                    Roary Pig

     The Roary Pig is given to the House in the Assassins' Guild which has      
     made the best loft during the lofting season and is awarded by the Guild   
     Master or Mistress.                                                        
     Once the trophy has been awarded, it is placed on display in the winning   
     House's loft for three (DW) days.  Since the Roary Pig is a target of      
     assassins may guard the pig from their rivals in the Thieves' Guild (or    
     other mercenaries working for the guild).  If the Pig has been nicked      
     successfully it will then be placed on display in the room north of Kordane
     until an assassin (or helper) nicks it back.                               
     Once the day is over, the trophy will be placed in the cabinet of the guild
     that last had possession of it.  Once the Roary Pig has been placed into   
     the trophy it cannot be nicked.                                            
     Note: "nick"ing the pig does not count as theft within AM or either Guild  
     and both nicking and guarding can only be done by player killers.          

     nick pig                                                                   
     guard pig                                                                  

Combat in the Guilds

Despite the permissions of the guild mistresses of the respective two guilds, the guards of both guilds remained on duty during the last event.

Thieves' Guild Guards

Instant KO and sent to the Pit nearby.

Assassins' Guild Guards

KO and thrown across town to Endless street near Traitors Gate.