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The Roary Pig is the trophy awarded to the Ankh-Morpork Assassins' Guild house that wins their Assassins' Loft Building competition.


When the lofts are judged the Roary Pig is awarded to the winning house.


This is an example of the message that gets posted when the Roary Pig event begins.

Note #15 by Secretary of the Assassins' Guild at Sat Jun 4 03:05:50 2016 [California PDT] on board assassinsguild

The lofting season has now ended and Scorpion House has been
awarded first place for its loft.

The Roary Pig will be on display in Scorpion House's loft for
three (Disc) days after which time it shall be placed into the
trophy cabinet.  While it is in the loft, assassins should be
extra vigilant in case of theft from those rogues across the

Tradition between Assassins and Thieves

A long standing tradition of competition between the Assassins' and Thieves' Guilds is the nicking of the Roary Pig. For three days after the Judging of the Lofts, the Assassins' great trophy, the Rory Pig is on display. During this three day period it is traditional for the PK members of the Thieves' guild to go in and 'nick' the Roary Pig and for the Assassins (also PK of course) to 'nick' it back. At the end of the three days whichever guild has managed to keep the trophy the longest gets to display the trophy for the year.

1) the pig should start in the loft winning assassin's house with their lofting contest. The lofts are on the roof of their guild, accessible either through their guild or scaling the outside wall.

2) the command to steal the pig is "Nick". this should automatically place the pig in either the thief's trophy room or the assassin's loft.

3) whoever has the pig the longest in whatever the set time is wins.


The Roary Pig first appears in the loft of the winning Assassin house.

Lofts are on the roof of the Ankh-Morpork Assassins' Guild.

For thieves the easiest way to get there may be to climb the wall at the southwest corner of Peasant Parade. Then climb up four more times to the full roof.

After the trophy is nicked from the loft, it should not appear in the thief's inventory but arrive at the Ankh-Morpork Thieves' Guild trophy cabinet. This is located just up the stairs from the entrance hall (aka usually referred to in conversation as their guild foyer) in the hall just north of Kordane.

When the trophy is nicked from the Thieves' Guild it should appear back in the Assassins' Loft where it began.


The following two achievements can be earned for nicking the pig from the assassin's guild and for nicking it from the thieves' guild.

Achievement: Pignapper
Achievement: Pig Rescuer

[These achievements will NOT be able to be earned during the temporary PK weekend. However for true PKs, they may still have a chance during this upcoming event, as the PK weekend should be two days and the Roary Pig theft event should be three days.]

Combat in the Guilds

Guild Mistress Emily has stated: "No sparring or fighting is allowed in the Thieves'_Guild normally. An exception will be allowed during the Roary Pig event for the room with the trophy cabinet, the foyer(entrance hall) and the portico from the Street of Alchemists."

It is unknown what the stance is for fighting on the roof of the Assassin's Guild but assume it will be dangerous.