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{{Infobox command
{{Infobox command
  | gp=25
  | gp=25
| learntat=15 or 20 [[fighting.special.weapon]] or [[fighting.special.tactics]]
  | skills=[[Fighting.defence.parrying]]<br>[[Fighting.special.weapon]]<br>[[Fighting.melee|Fighting.melee.*]] as appropriate.
  | skills=[[Fighting.defence.parrying]]<br>[[Fighting.special.weapon]]<br>[[Fighting.melee|Fighting.melee.*]] as appropriate.
  | items=None
  | items=None

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Command information
GP Cost 25
Learnt At 15 or 20 fighting.special.weapon or fighting.special.tactics
Skills Used Fighting.defence.parrying
Fighting.melee.* as appropriate.
Items Needed None
Guild Available to all

Riposte is a fighting command which can be used to rapidly counterstrike against an opponent following a successful parry, providing an almost free attack.


Riposte may be only be performed when armed, and when the player's tactics-response is set to either 'parry' or 'neutral'.

Riposting is a three-stage process:

  1. The player must pass a fighting.special.weapon skillcheck in order to prepare the command.
  2. They must then successfully parry an incoming attack against the opponent on whom they are executing the riposte.
  3. They then perform a normal skillcheck of their appropriate fighting.melee weapon skill for an extra attack.


Riposte gives the player a single extra attack that has a very low action point costresearch. Note that a riposte attack is essentially a normal attack - it doesn't do significantly more damage than normal, and it can be defended against just like any other attack.

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