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Worm sword judge values (at strength 20) at different levels of kills:
From kill To kill Kills needed Overall Max-damage Ave-damage
0 27 27 Poor Extremely low Extremely low
28 35 7 Pretty poor Extremely low Extremely low
36 79 43 Pretty poor Extremely low Extremely low
80 139 59 Pretty poor Extremely low Extremely low
140 157 17 Quite poor Extremely low Extremely low
158 175 17 Reasonable Rather low Extremely low
176 237 61 Reasonable Rather low Extremely low
238 307 69 Reasonable Low Extremely low
308 387 79 Quite good Pretty low Very low
388 Pretty good Reasonable Rather low
No "earthworm" command yet Good Quite high Rather low
Obtained "earthworm" command Rather good Pretty high Rather low

Alright, I'm going to be redoing this up with new judge so I kept all of the old results.

The judge values for the worm sword on its page are not the maximum stats for it. The one in CTF judges even better and I had one at one time that weighed 10 lbs on the post office scale.

I'm going to acquire a fresh one to do this with. I don't think the kills have changed at all for this so that will make things easier. I guess I can verify things though after each kill to make sure it doesn't change in very small increments that weren't seeable with old judge.

I think it will be somewhat interesting. We'll see.

-- Baldarov, 23 June 10:38 (UTC)

K, I may have been mistaken on the 10 lb weight as so far weight has been stable. The weapon has been scaling with new judge about the same as old judge except it skipped a step at the lower end of the scale. The judge I have for the full strength one from CTF has been no different in parrying, attacking or speed so I'm disregarding those.

-- Baldarov, 24 June 21:28 (UTC)

It seems I am very bad at keeping track of kills made and whatnot but it has followed the old kills pretty much exactly except at the far lower levels where old judge evidently had more variations. Anyways, I'll try to keep a rough track of things but exact numbers are beyond my current attention span :(.

-- Baldarov, sometime around 30 June 11:30 (UTC)

Well to be honest I had to carefully recheck my test run using my logs several times at the beginning and then I had to write a script to extract the number of kill automatically from the logs... Also processed the judge data from the logs using a script. I think it turned out correct but testing again to be sure was just too boring and annoying. --Frazyl 00:12, 1 July 2011 (UTC)