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More research needs to be done.

Adverbs: neatly, evenly, carefully, smoothly, adeptly, proficiently, precisely, skilfully, expertly

You try to weave some threads into the cloth on the loom, but can't figure out where they are supposed to go.

Low tier
You <adverb> weave new threads into the cloth on the loom, sliding them through the natural shed in the warp threads.

Mid tier
Taking great pains to accurately match the previous rows of work, you <adverb> weave a few more threads into the cloth on the loom.

High tier
Quickly, yet <adverb>, you weave new threads into the unfinished cloth on the loom, taking care to continue the pattern as it was started.

--- 5 failures and no successes with a 205 weaving bonus.

3 successes and 17 failures with a 206 weaving bonus.

7 successes and 5 failures of varying tiers with a 232 weaving bonus.