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Witch buoyancy

This is to see if the witchy buoyancy thing varies based on swimming skills or maybe guild level... if you're more buoyant if you have more warts, possibly.

You struggle to leave down but, with your buoyancy, you can't make any headway.

The water room used was the northwest corner of the pictsie lake.

Weight % to be too buoyant Weight % to not be too buoyant Approximate lbs needed to not be too buoyant Strength Swimming bonus Guild level
92 93 55-56 8 0 128
39 40 44 13 0 76
0 1 1 1/2 13 0 5
0 1 1 1/2 22 0 5

The weight you're carrying, not your burden, appears to be the significant factor. Having a burden of 75% while not wearing or holding any of it resulted in getting the "with your buoyancy, you can't make any headway" message. However, adding another 15 lbs or so and then wearing one of the heavier things, for a total burden of 67%, resulted in being able to swim down (and, when I couldn't, the message said I couldn't do it because of the "turbulant waters", not my buoyancy).

Therefore, the weight % columns are burden % when not holding or wearing any of it--that is, the percent of the total weight you can carry.

The strength column is to make it possible to work out the actual total weight without weighing everything individually. It may be that you just need a certain amount of weight to counteract the buoyancy. Weight is calculated here.

It's assumed that if you can't swim down because of the "turbulant waters", that's different than the buoyancy.