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There seem to be some new titles available, such as:

  • Persistent
  • Well Travelled

How one gets those is currently a mystery. They seem to be awarded for a certain activity, pretty much like achievements, but aren't associated with any of those. According to Pit, I got Persistent for questing. I assume Well Travelled is related to exploration points but that has yet to be confirmed. -- Liane, Sep 10, 2013

There was a chat on (One) abut the new titles with Pit.

(One) QUiyan wisps: One of my alts has 113 quest points and the title "Well-travelled", and this alt has 116 quest points and does not have the title "Well-travelled"
(One) QUiyan wisps: what does it take to get the title?
(One) Shady wisps: Walk around alot
(One) QUiyan wisps: exploration points? mmm
(One) Pit wisps: What it takes, apart from some quest point requirement, is that the last time you completed a quest is *after* Woom fixed it so the title becomes available.
(One) Qingfeng wisps: righto
(One) Pit wisps: Although I suppose making puppy dog eyes at a liaison is also an option. But doing another quest is more fun!
(One) Lucia wisps: What are the quest point requirements for the titles?
(One) Lucia wisps: I can't find the requirements anywhere.
(One) QUiyan wisps: idk, my alt got it at 113 QP, i think the Junior Explorer ach at least
(One) Kublai wisps: It's not hard, I had well travelled after about 3 days
(One) Lucia wisps: You don't get the title for Junior Quester though.
(One) Alleya wisps: I think it's an achievement, not a quest
(One) QUiyan wisps: neither nor alleya
(One) Pit wisps: No, it isn't. :P
(One) Lucia wisps: It's not a quest, but you get the titles for a certain number of quest points.
(One) Pit wisps: What Lucia says!
(One) Lucia wisps: But they're not listed in the achievements.
(One) Pit wisps that he confirms, being a creator and knowing about these things.
(One) Pit wisps: Usually creators don't do that sort of thing, but in this case it was announced. It was a bugfix, which means many people who should have the title don't have it yet.
(One) Pit wisps: And that's all I'm going to say about it. I've got to leave -some- research to you!
(One) Pit wisps: If you do a new quest, then the check will trigger. :)

-- Qingfeng, Sep 20, 2013