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I thought a list of the possible things found from searching might be interesting to record. Here are things found so far from searching the streets of Ankh-Morpork over a wide range of streets, plus amount of times each item was found:

Short Name Quantity Found
a walking stick 2
a white linen shirt 2
one Ankh-Morpork half-dollar 11
a silk cushion 1
a red collar 1
a white cotton shirt 6
a lacy pink dress 1
a grey worsted skirt 1
a watchet woollen gown 1
a short scimitar 1
a pair of breeches 2
a pair of tattered leather shoes 1
a whale tooth dagger 1
a wolf pelt 1
a knitted sweater 1
a half rotten Swordsman Sam chocolate bar 1
a half rotten trout 1
a wooden mallet 1
a small knife 2
a bastard sword 1
a quill 1
one Ankh-Morpork penny 210
a black velvet dress 1
a red smock 1
a pair of black silk bikini underwear 1
a leather undershirt 3
a short pink chiton 1
a silver necklace 1
a pair of large leather boots 1
a white linen bag 1
a plain white shirt 1
a pair of leather sandals 4
a crooked staff 1
a megaphone 1
a pair of patched tweed trousers 1
a pair of torn trousers 2
a lightable torch 1
a half rotten mackerel 1
an embroidered white dress 1
a blue hand towel 1
a lian 1
a khopesh 1
a pair of hobnailed boots 1
a pair of plain sandals 1
a teddy bear 1
a colourful t-shirt 1
a light blue linen gown 1
a jiann 2
a set of cotton underwear 2
a pair of straw shoes 1
a "I Love Wood" t-shirt 1
a trendy blouse 2
a pair of stupid-looking glasses 1
a rapier 1
an old staff 3
a grey pinstripe suit jacket 1
one Ankh-Morpork ten-pence 16
a Djelian battle axe 1
a red feather boa 1
a pair of old trousers 1
a brown linen shirt 1
a dagger 10
a red-brown smock 1
a gold silk midriff top 1
a stout vest 1
a large burlap sack 1
a brown turtleneck shirt 1
a pair of black leather shoes 1
a short sword 2
a soil-encrusted pitchfork 2
some silk underwear 1
a spiked club 3
a scarab ring 1
a toy soldier 1
a pair of baggy sailor's trousers 1
a slightly rotten Soul Cake Tuesday chocolate egg 1
a pair of black trousers 1
a simple green chiton 1
a pair of grey worsted trousers 2
a rolling pin 1
a green smock 1
an oil can 1
a large axe 1
a small clay dish 1
a pair of leather breeches 1
a ceramic jug 1
a green peasant shirt 1
a pair of ornate metal gauntlets 1
a red wig 1
a pair of metal gauntlets 1
a woollen petticoat 1
a Champion Stadium t-shirt 1
a plain black dress 1
a clay duckling 1
a carving knife 1
a standard screwdriver 2
a Llamedese cloak 1
a clay goat 1
a sunflower-pattern pinny 1
a green wool shirt 1
a pair of ruby slippers 1
a purple and yellow striped hat 1
a clay cup 1
a white cotton tunic 1
a map of Bes Pelargic plate 1
a pair of lab gloves 1
a brass ring 2
a lamb skin cape 1
a washstand jug 1
a leaf green chiton 1
a short pine plank 1
a "Suck" t-shirt 1
a pair of paper lab shoes 1
a dark red fez 1
a leather breastplate 1
a pink hair ribbon 1
a pair of soft leather sandals 1
a golden Postmaster's hat 2
a knife 2
a white linen tunic 3
a pair of soft leather shoes 2
a knobbly mace 1
a simple white linen loincloth 1
a javelin 1
one Ankh-Morpork dollar 17
a white apron 1
a silver ring 2
a ribboned katana scabbard 2
a sensible beige linen dress 1
a wooden cosh 1
a starched white shirt 3
a deflated sky-blue balloon 1
a black tunic 1
a golden lemur 1
a blank card (closed) 1
a nodachi scabbard 1
a lavender Genuan maid uniform 1
a pair of blue wool socks 1
a tortoise shell 2
a yellow ribbon 1
a green tunic 2
a trendy skirt 1
a druidic belt 3