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All the research merged below were submitted by Pokey.

Sea serpent venom

Can be applied as a poison to the sea serpent fang.

Like other vial items from niknax lasts around 70 mins.

Dire seaweed extract

Increases gp regen by around 2 per heartbeat.

Lasts around 70 minutes.

At the end of that period you are *completely* KOd for maybe a minute or two?

Kraken blood

Underwater breathing?

Kraken sweat

like a cross between tpa and ccc.

A full vial lasts roughly 70 minutes.

You can drink a half, which lasts roughly 35 minutes.

I tried drinking 1/3 and 1/4, but both resulted in me drinking 1/2.

If you cast TPA while kraken sweat is in effect, the slime shield will eat away at and destroy the TPA quickly. It's likely that this will happen with other shields that you try and stack, but I haven't tested any.

Kraken tears