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Proximus sometimes rewards players who enter the Champions' Box with interesting, unique items. These seem to reflect the player's prowess in the arena somehow and may also be unique to their guild or other specific traits.

Collected items so far include:

  • a polished gold medal (Liane, a thief)
This is a shiny polished gold medal, awarded to those who are beginning to show prowess within the walls of the arena.
  • a silver star robe (Liane, a thief)
Awarded to those who show style in their victories, this robe is hand tailored for those who have fought in the arena. Made from a deep blue velvet, it shimmers like the surface of a gently flowing river over a bed made of silver.
  • an ornamental temple shield (Liane, a thief)
Carved from a single piece of wood, this shield is a symbol of strength and durability for the person it is awarded to. The front face is rounded and leads to a point in either top corner, whilst the lowermost point curves slightly to the right. The words "Victory, Honour and Passion" have been neatly engraved into the front.
  • an ornamental rudis sword (Liane, a thief)
This is a rudis, a beautifully carved wooden sword given long ago to fighters who won their freedom within the arena. The handle has been smoothly sanded down, whilst the blade is covered in symbols from an ancient language long forgotten. Though the fighters compete of their own free will now (most of the time, anyway) this sword is still given out to those who prove themselves truly worthy.
  • a platinum viper wristlet (Jerec, CS, Viper House)
Set in a spiral shape to fit around a forearm perfectly, this viper wristlet is awarded to those who have shown their worth in the arena. The head of the viper starts at the top of the wrist and loops outwards around the arm until the tail rests on the inside of the elbow, and the eyes are made from tiny green emeralds that bring this simple piece of jewellery to life.