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As a result of this blogged change there has been reports on MVS changes on the boards, reproduced here:

Bulletin Boards: Wizardsguild
New MVS (factiods)
Note #45 by Poncho at Mon Oct 17 03:55:30 2011 [EDT] on board wizardsguild

Off: 539
Summoning: 344
Earth: 271
Healing: 300
Animating: 303

*Full duration of hands in room: 9 mins 4 seconds (data from single cast)
*Hands seem to grab NPC's entering the room within 1-5 seconds
*Hands hold NPC's for 22-24 seconds if not engaging in combat
*NPC's appear to make single attempt to run from magic while held by MVS
*MVS still checked against dodge
*Held duration after combat initiated appears reduced
*Asthetic bug: shearer being kissed while being held by MVS hands results in this happening when 'look hands'- 'are currently held in place by the hands.'
*Another bug? Despite a line saying NPC has been grabbed, no effect is present (happens on occasion).
*'Look hands' shows how many hands, and who is held
*Hands in room are described as 'grabbinghands'
*Maximum number of hands per bonus decreased- I average 16 (got 18 once, used to get 19-many consistently)
*No 'tearing free' message when target escapes (might be wrong)

*Reports of lowered bonus reqs for MVS.

Bulletin Boards: Wizardsguild
Re:#1 New MVS (factiods)
Note #46 by Kassandra at Mon Oct 17 04:38:09 2011 [EDT] on board wizardsguild

Off: 430
Summoning: 373
Earth: 414
Healing: 308
Animating: 303

Not looked at the total duration of the spell. It is long enough.

For me the hands hold for about 8 seconds before letting go. Good enough to get of a pragi or dkdd. would be pointless for jhsd.

14 hands.

Tried it out on a few monks and 5 or 6 noblemen groups. Held everything apart from 1 bodyguard and a monk, but thats because the hands let go mid cast of my first offensive spell.

Really need to get more offensive and increase the hold time.

Would be courious to know how long it lasts at guild max. I would hope at least long enough to cast 1 offensive spell.

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Bulletin Boards: Wizardsguild
Re:#1 New MVS (factiods)
Note #52 by Poncho at Wed Oct 19 00:08:57 2011 [EDT] on board wizardsguild

Some new info

*A new cast of MVS can add hands to the room (cast added two from my average of 16, to the max ive seen of 18)
*A new cast of MVS in a room with MVS already cast will cause hands to regrasp targets immediatly
*'Strengthened' hands don't appear to hold for any extra time.

*Old MVS used to have a 1 in 8 chance of releasing every 5 seconds. So technically the "short" fixed time now is arguably balanced.
*The above point doesn't necessarily mean the hold time IS fixed (possibly escape attempts effect hold duration positivly, PK testing required D: )

*Old MVS used to, arbitrarily, give a +10% bonus vs NPC's, and -40% bonus vs PK. No information on the particulars but this is no longer the case, meaning MVS is likely now a more versatile option in PK (no writing it off yet, Emrys).

*New MVS has new/different modification governing escape chances. Point of research.
*New MVS now stops targets doing some things that it didnt before. Research needed.
*New MVS now allows targets to do some things that it didnt before. Research needed.

*No changes were made to method bonus reqs
*Number of hands formula wasnt reduced, but tweaked to remove chance of odd numbers.

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