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Minimum bonus for leading

Somewhere above 118 and below 194.

16:30:40: (Igame) Pteri wisps: A healthy, highly docile horse can be led pretty easily with of ~190, at the least. I don't know what the lowest bonus required is.

16:32:31: (Igame) Toffee wisps: He's in good health. Still can't lead, might need to level horseriding a bit 16:33:26: (Igame) Toffee wisps: really bad - 27/109

16:34:11: (Igame) Edd wisps: horse......... 25 118 not even the cheapest horse moved for me

Breeds (i.e. docility level) of the horses not reported, other than for Pteri for which is was an April foel (rental).