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GP cost and bees

This is pretty simple once you spot the formula - with a bit of patience/luck I was able to get the exact ranges for the first four rows of the table. These exactly fit a formula of GP=sqrt(rounddown(bees/4)) + 2; I extrapolated the rest of the table from there. --Chat 23:06, 10 June 2013 (UTC)

Number of Bees

The variable GP cost now allows us to research the number of bees summoned per drop of honey. To do this:

  • At low numbers of drops of honey, you can just directly count the number of bees.
  • At higher numbers (where you see the 'many bees'), you can get an exact (or at least, very close) number by looking for the transition between GP costs. For example, if it costs me 5 GP for the first strike with 4 drops, and 6 GP with 5 drops, then we know that the boundary of ~36 bees occurs somewhere between 4 and 5 drops.

With off=393, chan=374, sum=335, curse=375, char=396, I get:

Drops Bees
1 10
2 34
3 50
4.5 64
12 100
47 144

Using a bronze helm, with off=412, chan=398, sum=370, curse=375, char=396, I get

Drops Bees
1 10
2 36
35 144

These are reasonably well fit by the formula 'Bees = 10 + X * ln(drops)'. X could be either the average of summoning and cursing, or the average of summoning and channeling; unfortunately my channeling and cursing bonuses are very similar and have the same stat dependencies, so I can't tell their effects apart. I'm going to guess cursing for now; it'd be great if anyone with different cursing/channeling bonuses can verify which it actually is. --Chat 23:06, 10 June 2013 (UTC)