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TM-ranges As I noticed a while ago, there seems to be a relationship between the average bonus of all methods involved in a spell and the related ma.sp.* skill bonus regarding TM chances. All out of a sudden I started to TM ma.sp.offensive using Nargl'frob's Empyrean Spear after I TMed countless elemental methods involved before. So I thought there was a connection between the methods getting better and finally my ma.sp.offensive starting to TM as well.

It seems roughly to be (average methods bonus) + (spell size) + 20 or perhaps (average methods bonus) + 1.5 (spell size). I conclude from this, that the strength/potency of a spell is determined by the method stages of the spell and a final check against the related ma.sp.* checks if the spell potency is realized.

To check this simplicistic theory I ask all magic users to monitor their ma.sp.* TMs and then kindly check their involved methods bonuses and reached ma.sp.* bonus and then add those numbers in charts like I did mine below.

Example given:

Xorphitus:Nargl'frob's Empyrean Spear

ma.sp.of 362 363 363 364 364 365 277 278 284 284 284 294 295 295 296 296 306 306 306 306 306 280 283 285 285 285 323 323 323 323 323

Alternatively this first theory might be falsified by contributed data as well. Then maybe there are fixed TM ranges for all spells. And it is still of interest to determine said ranges, so the contributed data is not wasted.

--Xorphitus 21:59, 25 January 2011 (UTC)