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Ilde said on 11 October 2010:

I took the Ephebian exam with 59 levels in spoken Ephebian.  Now I'm not sure if you have to tm at all before taking it, or if you just have to wait....

I've now moved that lower bound down to 51, after taking the spoken Djelian exam for Morporkian speakers. Antdos 12:19, 15 April 2015 (UTC)

Growlers to TM past 90

Laos tried recording a growler 89 spoken Djelian and giving it to Unsup, who had 90 spoken Djelian. Unsup was able to spend gp (indicating chance of TM) from listening to Laos speak directly, but after several tries over several hours, never spent gp listening to the growler. Thus it seems unlikely one can use the growler to TM past 90.

If anyone is at 90-98 spoken Djelian and would like to try again, mudmail Laos and ask for is Djelian 89 growler.