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Old content

Since judge changed with this announcement, all the old research data is invalid, and has therefore been consigned to the archives. --Chat 20:02, 10 January 2011 (UTC)

New judge research

So, new judge research is needed!

Relevant stuff to know:

  • Your skills don't seem to affect the average result returned anymore - just how much information you can see, and the variance of the results returned.
  • You have a 'judge info rating' (JIR) for each weapon class, which is derived from your bonus in that weapon class and your ad.ev.we bonus (see here for the formula).
  • The difficulty of judging a weapon correctly is a test of its inherent difficulty versus your JIR bonus.
  • If you judge a weapon successfully, then your JIR determines how much data you see out of:
    • The overall weapon quality
    • How easy it is to attack with
    • How easy it is to parry with
    • The maximum damage with the weapon
    • The average damage with the weapon
    • How fast the weapon is to use.
  • Once you are able to see speed info, you can see all the data, and the variance of the results goes to zero (ie. you consistently get the same results with judge each time).

Therefore, the way forward seems clear now:

  • Get a JIR high enough that you can see speed info for your preferred weapon class.
  • Judge weapons in that class.
  • Put the results on that weapon's page

I've got a high enough JIR in sword (but not anywhere near in anything else), so I'll start on swords.

--Chat 19:30, 19 January 2011 (UTC)

Another heads up: if you don't have the command at your disposal, judge will not let you see that the weapon can perform this command. I fell for this trap for the tiger fang, and after learning slash I could see it.

--E 1 April, 2011 (Not a joke)

Another thing that should be added whenever something is judged is the strength at which it was done. Frazl added a category for to the template called "Judge-str = (stat)". For an example of its use see Large axe. This will be retrofitted later as more information is found.

The affects of Stats on Judge

This is what is known so far:

  • Strength is the only thing shown to affect the results of judge. This is regardless of melee bonus.
  • The only things so far changed by varying Strength are ease of attack and parrying capability.
  • It varies from weapon to weapon what is changed. See Fine sabre and Rose-hilted long sword for a very good example of this.
  • The variations are not standard to a specific weight. A fine sabre and rose-hilted long sword have equal weights yet are affected differently by strength variations.
  • Research needs to be done into strengths higher than 23 and lower than 9. It is possible, although very unlikely, that nothing changes above 23 in strength or below 9.
  • Changes in dexterity have shown no impact on judge, from going as low as 11 to as high as 23.
  • Going from 10 constitution to 5 showed no impact on judge. It is very likely that there is none.

What needs to be done:

  • All weapons should probably be judged at every strength value. Different values can be obtained by use of dex gloves, flat caps and other stat items.
  • Some way of adding this information to each weapon that is convenient to viewers
  • Possibly establishing a baseline strength for judge results
  •  ?

Information thresholds

See Research:Judge/Information thresholds for research on how much information is presented when the judge command is successfully used.


See Research:Judge/Quality for research on the characteristics returned by the judge command.