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(added flaxen linen gown, white cotton bodice (job item))
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painter's smock
painter's smock
flaxen linen gown
sunflower-pattern pinny
sunflower-pattern pinny
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'''yellow smock'''
'''yellow smock'''
'''white cotton bodice'''

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valueing.armour bonus is 176, -7.5% value

shimmering bellydancer skirt 9.58$

red djellian dress 6.06$

fine silk robe 15.62$

black embroided thobe 7.61$

plain white thobe 7.61$

fancy thobe 11.68$

sensible black bags 14.3$

valueing.jewellery bonus is 161, -8% value

sphinx necklace 8.95$

lion's head ring 2.6$

jangly gold bangle 4.03$

ivory comb 6.9$

electrum hairclip 6.2$

emerald belly stone 12$


Bold items are used in missions.

bright striped bloomers

blue singlet

green linen gown

old shirt

painter's smock

flaxen linen gown

sunflower-pattern pinny

cotton pinafore

blue cotton shirt

old brown coat

heavy brown cloak

black tunic

pair of rough hessian trousers

pair of torn trousers

pair of lacy bloomers

pair of frilly bloomers

pair of blue dungarees

pair of colorful shorts

pair of white knee hose

white cotton shirt

white cotton panties

white apron

white smock

flowery dress

light blue linen gown

lightweight white linen trousers

old once-white shirt

yellow smock

white cotton bodice