Research:Herbs and Spices

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Ulive stall - Ephebe - Basil, garlic, thyme, ginger

Bakery stall (drowsy dread-locked girl) - Ephebe - thyme, oregano, basil, garlic

Vegetable stall (colourful middle-aged woman) - Ephebe - garlic

Vegetable stall (red-bearded dwarf) - Ephebe - garlic

Grocery - Little Brindisi/Genua - thyme, basil, oregano, parsley, garlic,

Vegetable stall - Genua (northwest) - sorrel

Fragrant stall - Genua (triangle market stall) - many items (pre-ground)

Vegetable stall (traveling) - DBJ - garlic

Garlic store (Garlic St)- DBJ - garlic

Traveling spice stall - DBJ - need to check this stall when it shows up

Various merchants - wherever

  • Thinking of only putting on stores that sell pre-packaged spices; and for other items, say along the lines that "garlic is found at many vegetable stores" or so forth