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Skillcheck research

I would like to propose some research. Please add your own favorite places to gather.

Instructions: 1. Execute 50 sets of 10 of the specified gather command in the specified places. (this may take multiple visits. this is fine so long as the skills listed stay the same.) 2. Failures are: "You cannot seem to find any of the ..." If you get a different failure method, there aren't any left, so move on. 3. Successes are counted by the number of times you successfully gathered the item. 4. Create a new line in the table, filling in success count, and the specified bonuses 5. Create new blank tables for other places you commonly gather other items. 6. If you level up a skill by at least 10 bonus, come back and do so again.

Carrots in Sto Lat Garden

This will be done in the room with the chessboard. Exact command "gather carrots" These are for the reason of consistency, no other.

Character Name RW Date percent success ad.perception cr.hunt.for
Aoi April 04, 2012 8.8% 130 55 56 56 56 56