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Some things needing research on Djelian guard:

  • Htot-og can also train you, type use device in this room to try to trigger TMs for dodging, though not sure ==> need to figure out what this device does
  • random ancient hieroglyphics in a room downstairs, what does this do?
    • Could be to train dodging, but I couldn't get a test new alt to actually tm, or possibly it could be a way to tm health like the samurai's thing if you always get hit.
    • Needs to be tested with a warrior or Djelian guard, other guilds are denied use of the device.
  • Duty clerk => if you type say information on escort duty, need to speak djelian and be a warrior:
The duty clerk says: Duties are performed by guild warriors in exchange for
The duty clerk says: Guard duty involves going to a site and preventing the
     entry of specified undesirables.  You will normally be relieving another
     guard who will brief you on what actions to take.
The duty clerk says: Your duty as a bodyguard will be to go to a location, meet
     your client and protect them for a period of time.  The client will
     usually brief you when you meet them.
The duty clerk exclaims: Abandoning your post in either of these situations
     will be reguarded as utter cowardice and be met with strong repecutions!
The duty clerk exclaims: You will not be assigned tasks which the guild feels
     are too tough for you, so we expect favourable results!
The duty clerk says: Delivery duty will involve recieving an important package
     or message from this room and delivering it to a specified location.
The duty clerk exclaims: The clients want us to deliver it for a reason, so you
     must watch for those who may seek to relieve you of it!
The duty clerk says: I'll be with you in a moment, Wondle, please be patient.

Escort duties is unfinished (probably that or wait time for escort duties = infinite), clerk will always say: I'll be with you in a moment,[player name], please be patient. Asked Fernir who speak djelian and is warrior and Sevyn who speak djelian to test with me