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1. I recall gathering this before at the Phida manor garden. Perhaps it is only found during certain times of the year?

2. Test what happens when it is eaten. If poisonous, add to poison category.

There's a crafts.husbandry.plant.herbal skillcheck to see the herbs and a crafts.hunting.foraging skillcheck to gather them. See also the poison section in

At he Phida Manor garden, with a crafts.husbandry.plant.herbal bonus of 207 and a crafts.hunting.foraging bonus of 210:

l bed
A number of interesting flowers and plants grow in a neat flower bed here.  There are foxgloves, belladonnas and delphiniums.
gather delphiniums
You gather some delphiniums.
gather foxglove
You gather some foxglove.
gather belladonna
You gather some belladonna.
l delphinium
This is a small pile of delphiniums, about three sprigs.
It looks nice and fresh.
l foxglove
This is a small pile of foxglove, about three stalks.
It looks nice and fresh.
l belladonna
This is a small pile of belladonna, about three stalks.
It looks nice and fresh.

Even then sometimes gather fails some of the time.

Hope that helps. --Frazyl 20:48, 4 June 2011 (UTC)