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Deciphering checks

Close By - terrible handwriting

A 189 bonus in crafts.arts.calligraphy was not enough to decipher the letter. A 204 bonus is enough to decipher partially with multiple attempts (maybe 20). A 216 bonus is enough to decipher consistently.

Far away - terrible handwriting

A 223 bonus in crafts.arts.calligraphy is enough to partially decipher the letter.

Inquiring checks

Close by - vague address

This uses people.culture.ankh-morporkian.

  • With 153 bonus "inquire after addressee" works sometimes.
  • With 193 bonus, I get consistent successes.

I tested 15 times with a 150 bonus with all failures, so I think that 153 is closer to the bottom end of the scale and not near the 50% as the main page suggests. Or else, the 153 is no longer accurate after the changes. -Kayse 18Sep20

I think they made those missions harder, so maybe it was 50% before the change. --Frazyl (talk) 16:50, 18 September 2020 (EDT)

That makes sense, thanks. Tested some more, I think 153 is possible but near the floor. After testing for 30 times, I managed three successes in the range of 153 to 156, two of which were TMs (which I'm not sure if that modifies the odds). Going to modify the main page to remove the no longer correct 153 from 50% and set the skill floor as near 153. --Kayse (talk) 22:23, 18 September 2020 (EDT)

Close by - only the city

With 153 bonus in people.culture.ankh-morporkian "inquire after addressee" never worked. Tried 150 times and always failed.

With a 173 bonus in, I had only failures on 10 attempts.

With a 185 bonus in, I had only failures on 10 attempts.

With a 192 bonus in, I had only failures on 15 attempts.

Mirri (talk) 07:08, 6 March 2020 (EST)

Far away - vague address

A 205 bonus in people.culture.agatean was enough to get 100% successes on inquiring.

170 bonus in people.culture.djelian was enough to get 100% successes while inquiring.

Far away - only the city

  • With a 200 bonus in, I did get a success on the first try in Bes Pelargic on one mission, but then a lot of failures.
  • With a 223 bonus in, I failed on 10 attempts.
  • With a 227 bonus in, I failed on 10 attempts.
  • With a 230 bonus in, I failed on 10 attempts.
  • With a 256 bonus in, I had 6 successes in 33 attempts, and 1 TM. Seems like this is the minimum to start succeeding occasionally.
  • With a 271 bonus in, I had 3 successes in 5 attempts, and 1 TM.
  • With a 278 bonus in, I had 9 successes in 20 attempts, and 1 TM.

Mirri (talk) 05:03, 6 March 2020 (EST)

New Dead Letters System

  • DLA: Close by; smudged address.
Wynter Sil####yRe
G#t#icclo#hing sh#p
P#eDr# Road

Wynter Silverfyre, Gothic clothing shop, Phedre Rd

M# Ir#ncrust
IR#nCrUst#s  D###f B##ery
Cab#e  Str#et

Mr Ironcrust, Ironcrust's Dwarf Bakery, Cable Street

###nt  notfaRou#oe
T## fresH stAr# #lub
Elm #tree#

Count Notfarouto, The Fresh Start Club, Elm Street. (Doesn't spawn in room on entry. Might appear only at meeting times, needs verification)

  • DLB: Close by; terrible handwriting.
Written in scribbled handwriting:
dleES R Sq 8FlZk
I RnAkue cf jmw ll   GaRG
zFfcl e  qb 5M cll  I c a a
TtMyn-hn 0 rkcny


2v6 tGGo Rcxvv 
nEdRVoTt Axe M'j ILUkJtZkQ
nmRyLoxq  LVf rfvz _FvvAPnUuSdtci 8JuwrE
Pndh-lVar rPAt

Rebecca Palm at Magical Supplies Emporium. Reward is 25600XP and 13AM dollars.

ejM f d RamaE
b6   nxn kv'dzxZ1 S e JtUp 
FXE ShfR e+ al Iiehrijn q  an z ilIIpRs

Tim La Raude at the shelf shop, Street of Cunning Artificers.

D fQAzL o
jvUAq Jq'S pG3Eu P qJtac 
H reuku Llo  HUt9 
Ttn yh_Vlqyp6 f le

Georgio, Giorgio's Pizza Place, Artorollo Alley

  • DLC: Close by; vague address.
A drover... sorry, I forgot the name, but he has a jagged scar on the left side of his neck.
He can be found near the intersection of Quirm Street and Hill Street.
Sto Lat

A drover - no further description!

Can't recall the name, but he is a judge with a strawberry-shaped birthmark above his right eye.
He can be found near the intersection of Quirm Street and Hill Street.
Sto Lat

This is a 'wrinkly royal judge'. Tried several judges, but it needed to be the one described. Reward 24128 XP and 12 dollars. You get 30 mins.

A woman... sorry, I forgot the name, but she has an anvil-shaped birthmark above her left eye.
She can be found near the northwest side of Sticken Place.

This was a 'young woman', and she'd wandered on to Whopping St

Can't recall the name, but she is a warrior with a distinct beauty mark on her upper lip.
She can be found near the northwest side of Sticken Place.

This was a 'wandering warrior'

A beggar... sorry, I forgot the name, but she has a cute mole above her right eye.
She can be found near the t-junction of Long Wall and Hidden Corner.

This was a 'rich beggar.'

  • DLD: Close by; only the city.
The attractive tourist with the stoat-shaped birthmark above her right eye.  Please, please find her.

This is the 'lost tourist', spawn point seems to be Lower Broadway, outside the Art Museum. Reward is 53424XP and 25 AM dollars. You get 45 mins.

  • DLE: Far away; smudged address.
#o#sworth#s cloc#s

Cogsworth at Cogsworth's Clocks on Trade St. You get 30 mins.

Written in scribbled handwriting:
MasT#R ##i#h-lat
Phoen## ROad

Master Bibh-lat, 25600 experience points


Serb Unglish in the last house before the end of the s-w road in Mad Stoat. Reward is 25600XP and 2 lancre crowns, 10 shillings

tw#flow#r theT#uri#t
F#ddle#'# Ridd#e

Twoflower the Tourist, Fiddler's Riddle tavern

T#vel#it  ROa#

Souvlakios on Tuvelpit Rd

The P###riet#r
##e Royal market s#i##y

The blacksmith in the Royal Market smithy, Sto Lat

S#ipper# HOL#ow

Notary Hardenfast, house on n-w corner of Slippery Hollow village square


Lichtenstein at The Inn in Razorback

  • DLF: Far away; terrible handwriting.
You read the old yellowish letter:
Written in scribbled handwriting:
AAaf  SkU Tte

No idea on this one. :(

IRp dri0RXveO32
C kuKd 0thVj
9 p milw
Written in scribbled handwriting:
SAnuhnli mkGIij
Aos QrhaCk

Dunno :(

  • DLG: Far away; vague address.
The hattian guard with the white scar just below his left ear.  He is a really hard worker.
He can be found near the crossroads of the Avenue of the Pharaohs, Market Street and Phoenix Road.

Delivered to first Hattian guard I found in DJB, 33440 experience points

The attractive monk with the large scar on his right cheek.  Please, please find him.
He can be found near the junction of Kamazawa Drive, Golden Falls Road and Miu-Miu.
Bes Pelargic

This was a 'puissant monk'. Reward is 33440XP and 15 rhinu. You get 30 mins

The warrior with the anvil-shaped birthmark on his left cheek.  He is a really hard worker.
He can be found near the crossroads of the Avenue of the Pharaohs, Market Street and Phoenix Road.

This is a 'grizzled warrior', who had wandered up Avenue of the Pharaohs.

  • DLH: Far away; only the city.
You read the rough pale yellow letter:
Written in scribbled handwriting:
An actor... sorry, I forgot the name, but he has an old scar on the right side of his neck.
Bes Pelargic
The Agatean Empire

Delivered to the first Noh Actor I found in BP, worked fine, 54544 experience points

You read the smooth off-white letter:
Written in scribbled handwriting:
Can't recall the name, but he is a mandarin with a cute beauty mark above his left eye.
Bes Pelargic
The Agatean Empire

Gave this one back before I figured out how the new system works, but presumably you could give it to any mandarin in BP. :)

  • DLI: Difficult customer.
Written in scribbled handwriting:
The Grflx
Large cave
Skund Forest

Unsolved Letters:



Delivering it at the entrance to the Drum, where Stren, Hrun and the splatter is worked (I just used "deliver letter").

This letter is addressed to: Mervin (not Hrun). In other words, it is Hrun, but if you look at him you will see that "this is not really Hrun" and "His name is actually Mervin" -- Datura


It isn't Mellie.

This is probably Mr Pin. -- Datura

_r_Go_tb__ger         Mr Go?tbERger ?
P__n__Shop            Paint Shop ?
Ps_udopol___Y_rd      Pseudopolis Yard
Isl__o__the__o_s      Isle of the Gods

It isn't Musqrat

This is probably Mr Goatberger, Print Shop, Pseudopolis Yard, Isle of the Gods -- Datura

Far Away

You read the letter:
Written in scribbled handwriting:

I figured the Olivia part as the last name, the place ends with "'s Wall" also obviously. The location is the part that I can't figure out. 11 Letters and the only thing that "matches" is Lancre Town. But alas none in sight for this letter. --Fewyn 19:36, 4 February 2015 (UTC) _> This Is OliVIA on Deadl MAns's Walk in Genua, she is LOcatesd in a tent. I thinks ehe a withc.


That would be Clara, Escrow. Quotid (talk) 07:14, 17 March 2017 (EDT)

_r___opke____    Mr Shopkeeper
___n_r_          Tannery
_l_ppe___H___ow  Slippery Hollow

This is Mr Smith in Tanning Supply Shop, oh figured it out. Mr Shopkeeper

M____od__r__nd__n__he_po_t___f_c_    Mr ??od??r??nd in the post office
Sli___r____ll_w                      Slippery Hollow

This is the clerk in the Slippery Hollow post office. Not sure what he is being referred to though.

Distant Land


 o      i 
  s    a   c
    A at    E p r 

Any thoughts on what the third line might be? The recipient was Boy Willie (1st line) at Bes Pelargic (2nd line). I found him in the Imperial District on Wall Street near the Green Slab building. Groth 01:22, 17 February 2015 (UTC)

Update - I think the third line is "The Agatean Empire" Groth 06:08, 22 February 2015 (UTC)

Boy Willie - Bes Pelargic - The Agatean Empire


Chosig (talk) 05:02, 17 March 2017 (EDT)

That would be Lap-lip. Quotid (talk) 07:12, 17 March 2017 (EDT)

Spawn Project

The tedious task of working out where letter NPCs spawn.

Many found by luck or by using the warrior track command in reverse - soon after reboot, finding NPC and then performing track in adjacent rooms iteratively until track stops working.

City NPC Verified*? Location(s)
Bes Pelargic Laggy-san Yes Theory: multiple spawn locations. Seen spawning at:

The southern end of Oyster Lane next to the Rainbow Bridge [n,w,nw,e,sw]. (Shoo-Li)

Spawn message: The Laggy-san wanders discreetly into the room.

Bes Pelargic, Bad Poo-Ning Mad Hamish Yes The Tuna Walk commercial area [e,nw,u].
Bes Pelargic, Hong Fa Ryattenoki Yes The southwest corner of fish markets [e,ne,s].
Bes Pelargic, Imperial Boy Willie Yes Somewhere on Cherry Blossom Road [n,s,e,w].
Bes Pelargic, Pong Ping Quisoda Yes The middle of Bridge Street [n,s]. (3 s of Confetti Lane)
Bes Pelargic, Shoo-Li Lon Fah Lo Yes Long Tang Lane, east of a pier [n,s,w].
Bes Pelargic, Shoo-Li No Go Wan Yes Tap Tong's market bar [e]
Bes Pelargic, Sum Bing Disembowel-Meself-Honourably Dibhala Yes The centre of the Sum Bing street market near some brightly coloured stalls [e,w,n,sw,se].
Bes Pelargic, Sum Bing Glod-san Yes Sixstone's Home Security Emporium [n]. (off of The middle of Market Street [n,s,e,w].)
Bes Pelargic, Bad Poo-Ning Shi Do Gai Yes The public fishing area of Tuna Walk [w,ne]. (1 s of Su Shi)
Djelibeybi Lap-lip Yes Sickle Street at the junction with Phoenix Road [s,ne].
Djelibeybi Lip-phon Lap-top Yes The Road of the Sun [s,n]. (1 s of intersection with Scarab Walk)
Djelibeybi Mihk-Gran-Bohp Yes The junction of the Avenue of the Pharaohs, Market Street and Phoenix Road [n,s,e,w,se,sw].
Djelibeybi Phos-phor No Found after reboot at The end of Tsort Road at the Square of the Ancestors [e,w].
Djelibeybi Yclept No The western side of the park [e,w]. (One east from prophet/bench)
Ephebe Vyrt Yes A seafood-scented edge of the Harbour Market [s,w,nw,se,sw].
Escrow Tuffy no Northwestern corner of the town square [n,s,e,se]. (Tuffy the Vampire Slayer somersaults in.)
Genua Casanunda No Tracked to: Royal Avenue [e,w,s]. (1 west of bank)
Genua Greig Schwitz No Tracked to: Pirate Avenue, outside a shop [s,nw,se]., post boot found at: Samedi Crescent, southwest portion [n,sw].
Genua Noobie No Post boot found at: Piece of Carrefour Crescent [w,ne,se].
Genua Tfat Chick No Tracked to: Carrefour Crescent just northwest of Grim Street [w,se]., post boot found at: Samedi Crescent, southwest portion [n,sw].
Oasis Mr CMOHO Dhblah Yes A bread and water cafeteria [out].
Ohulan Cutash Miss Pennie Laced Yes The northeastern corner of the market [n,s,e,w,sw,enter stall].
Pekan Ford Berti Boggis Yes A locksmith's workshop [s].

* Verified means: after deducing possible spawn spot it is tested by entering room after a reboot OR by killing NPC and waiting, with the NPC entering the room (best if NPC has unique spawn message, i.e. not 'arrives from the <direction>')

Repeated attempts to narrow down spawn locations of Genua NPC seems to indicate that they spawn in random locations. Will try a couple more times.