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Unsolved Letters:



Delivering it at the entrance to the Drum, where Stren, Hrun and the splatter is worked (I just used "deliver letter").

This letter is addressed to: Mervin (not Hrun). In other words, it is Hrun, but if you look at him you will see that "this is not really Hrun" and "His name is actually Mervin" -- Datura


It isn't Mellie.

This is probably Mr Pin. -- Datura

_r_Go_tb__ger         Mr Go?tbERger ?
P__n__Shop            Paint Shop ?
Ps_udopol___Y_rd      Pseudopolis Yard
Isl__o__the__o_s      Isle of the Gods

It isn't Musqrat

This is probably Mr Goatberger, Print Shop, Pseudopolis Yard, Isle of the Gods -- Datura

Far Away

You read the letter:
Written in scribbled handwriting:

I figured the Olivia part as the last name, the place ends with "'s Wall" also obviously. The location is the part that I can't figure out. 11 Letters and the only thing that "matches" is Lancre Town. But alas none in sight for this letter. --Fewyn 19:36, 4 February 2015 (UTC) _> This Is OliVIA on Deadl MAns's Walk in Genua, she is LOcatesd in a tent. I thinks ehe a withc.


That would be Clara, Escrow. Quotid (talk) 07:14, 17 March 2017 (EDT)

_r___opke____    Mr Shopkeeper
___n_r_          Tannery
_l_ppe___H___ow  Slippery Hollow

This is Mr Smith in Tanning Supply Shop, oh figured it out. Mr Shopkeeper

M____od__r__nd__n__he_po_t___f_c_    Mr ??od??r??nd in the post office
Sli___r____ll_w                      Slippery Hollow

This is the clerk in the Slippery Hollow post office. Not sure what he is being referred to though.

Distant Land


 o      i 
  s    a   c
    A at    E p r 

Any thoughts on what the third line might be? The recipient was Boy Willie (1st line) at Bes Pelargic (2nd line). I found him in the Imperial District on Wall Street near the Green Slab building. Groth 01:22, 17 February 2015 (UTC)

Update - I think the third line is "The Agatean Empire" Groth 06:08, 22 February 2015 (UTC)

Boy Willie - Bes Pelargic - The Agatean Empire


Chosig (talk) 05:02, 17 March 2017 (EDT)

That would be Lap-lip. Quotid (talk) 07:12, 17 March 2017 (EDT)


I make it out to be Security Guards at the First Imperial Bank but I can't seem to deliver -Z

Spawn Project

The tedious task of working out where letter NPCs spawn.

Many found by luck or by using the warrior track command in reverse - soon after reboot, finding NPC and then performing track in adjacent rooms iteratively until track stops working.

City NPC Verified*? Location(s)
Bes Pelargic Laggy-san Yes Theory: multiple spawn locations. Seen spawning at:

The southern end of Oyster Lane next to the Rainbow Bridge [n,w,nw,e,sw]. (Shoo-Li)

Spawn message: The Laggy-san wanders discreetly into the room.

Bes Pelargic, Bad Poo-Ning Mad Hamish Yes The Tuna Walk commercial area [e,nw,u].
Bes Pelargic, Hong Fa Ryattenoki Yes The southwest corner of fish markets [e,ne,s].
Bes Pelargic, Imperial Boy Willie Yes Somewhere on Cherry Blossom Road [n,s,e,w].
Bes Pelargic, Pong Ping Quisoda Yes The middle of Bridge Street [n,s]. (3 s of Confetti Lane)
Bes Pelargic, Shoo-Li Lon Fah Lo Yes Long Tang Lane, east of a pier [n,s,w].
Bes Pelargic, Shoo-Li No Go Wan Yes Tap Tong's market bar [e]
Bes Pelargic, Sum Bing Disembowel-Meself-Honourably Dibhala Yes The centre of the Sum Bing street market near some brightly coloured stalls [e,w,n,sw,se].
Bes Pelargic, Sum Bing Glod-san Yes Sixstone's Home Security Emporium [n]. (off of The middle of Market Street [n,s,e,w].)
Bes Pelargic, Bad Poo-Ning Shi Do Gai Yes The public fishing area of Tuna Walk [w,ne]. (1 s of Su Shi)
Djelibeybi Lap-lip Yes Sickle Street at the junction with Phoenix Road [s,ne].
Djelibeybi Lip-phon Lap-top Yes The Road of the Sun [s,n]. (1 s of intersection with Scarab Walk)
Djelibeybi Mihk-Gran-Bohp Yes The junction of the Avenue of the Pharaohs, Market Street and Phoenix Road [n,s,e,w,se,sw].
Djelibeybi Phos-phor No Found after reboot at The end of Tsort Road at the Square of the Ancestors [e,w].
Djelibeybi Yclept No The western side of the park [e,w]. (One east from prophet/bench)
Ephebe Vyrt Yes A seafood-scented edge of the Harbour Market [s,w,nw,se,sw].
Escrow Tuffy no Northwestern corner of the town square [n,s,e,se]. (Tuffy the Vampire Slayer somersaults in.)
Genua Casanunda No Tracked to: Royal Avenue [e,w,s]. (1 west of bank)
Genua Greig Schwitz No Tracked to: Pirate Avenue, outside a shop [s,nw,se]., post boot found at: Samedi Crescent, southwest portion [n,sw].
Genua Noobie No Post boot found at: Piece of Carrefour Crescent [w,ne,se].
Genua Tfat Chick No Tracked to: Carrefour Crescent just northwest of Grim Street [w,se]., post boot found at: Samedi Crescent, southwest portion [n,sw].
Oasis Mr CMOHO Dhblah Yes A bread and water cafeteria [out].
Ohulan Cutash Miss Pennie Laced Yes The northeastern corner of the market [n,s,e,w,sw,enter stall].
Pekan Ford Berti Boggis Yes A locksmith's workshop [s].

* Verified means: after deducing possible spawn spot it is tested by entering room after a reboot OR by killing NPC and waiting, with the NPC entering the room (best if NPC has unique spawn message, i.e. not 'arrives from the <direction>')

Repeated attempts to narrow down spawn locations of Genua NPC seems to indicate that they spawn in random locations. Will try a couple more times.