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Observations on summoning

  • Cracked Ocarina can summon horse even if user is in T-shop while its travelling. Was observed while in the travelling Tshop while Straightwire summoned his mount using the cracked ocarina. (This might change in future if a creator changes this?)
 [front of a travelling shop]  
 This is the front of one of those mysterious travelling shops which roam the.
 multiverse buying cheaply and selling dear.  It is stocked with a wide variety
 of exotic items purchased from distant cities in faraway galaxies and any of
 these can be yours for the right price.  Most of the items, piled high around
 the walls, are covered in dust but a few of the less dusty ones catch your eye.
 Who knows, you may even be able to interest the shopkeeper in some of your
 Hendra the giant fruitbat is flying, a marbled white moon dragon is perched on
 Cryptic Straightwire, an aspen green cloud is floating in the air here and
 Wicked Winifred, Cryptic Straightwire and the shopkeeper are standing here.
 An important-looking sign is stuck on the back wall.
 Cryptic Straightwire plays a fast-paced tune on his cracked ocarina, the notes
 whistling past like the wind of a full gallop.
 The music echoes, mingling with the faint sound of hoofbeats in the distance.
 A grey horse gallops in from the up at high speed, almost knocking you over.
 Wicked Winifred thanks Cryptic Straightwire.
Yes, I think I covered this quite well with "This seems to work irrespective of where your horse or yourself are."
Would it be clearer to say it works everywhere that was tested?
I didn't test ludicrous situations like when falling to your death or the bottom of the ocean or when dead, but it probably works too. It might not be a good idea though.
--Frazyl (talk) 00:27, 20 September 2021 (EDT)

Em's Success and skills

[major intersection of Pallant Street]
A mean mercenary is standing here.
> play ocarina
You need to be holding the cracked ocarina to play it.
> hold ocarina
You hold a cracked ocarina in your right hand and left hand.
> play ocarina
As you play, your mind drifts to Belle Starr the liver chestnut horse and you weave a wordless call into the tune.
A lilting melody sounds from your cracked ocarina as you play it, the flourishes at the end of each bar resembling a welcoming whinny.
The music echoes, mingling with the faint sound of hoofbeats in the distance.
Belle Starr the liver chestnut horse gallops in from the south at high speed, almost knocking the mean mercenary over.
fighting.sp.mounted.........   84  181  170  240  195  227  122  201   85  200