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Em's Success and skills

[major intersection of Pallant Street]
A mean mercenary is standing here.
> play ocarina
You need to be holding the cracked ocarina to play it.
> hold ocarina
You hold a cracked ocarina in your right hand and left hand.
> play ocarina
As you play, your mind drifts to Belle Starr the liver chestnut horse and you weave a wordless call into the tune.
A lilting melody sounds from your cracked ocarina as you play it, the flourishes at the end of each bar resembling a welcoming whinny.
The music echoes, mingling with the faint sound of hoofbeats in the distance.
Belle Starr the liver chestnut horse gallops in from the south at high speed, almost knocking the mean mercenary over.
fighting.sp.mounted.........   84  181  170  240  195  227  122  201   85  200