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Recharging Artifacts with HEB

Mirodar Started 2021-09-16

Background and Theory Sparkling Shelter has been proven to absorb all damage from explosions caused by recharging balsa wands. Sparkling Shelter is described as absorbing all elemental damage. If the damage from recharge failures is elemental rather than physical then this would explain why TPA and CCC are ineffective at shielding the caster from damage. It would make sense that HEB should absorb this damage if the right combination of crystals is used.

Method To reduce risks the experiments will be performed on Short Wands (Wand of Magic Detection). 2 Pinches per recharge, 600hp damage on failure. First step will be to confirm that Sparkling Shelter absorbs the backfire damage (so far it has only been tested on balsa wands). Second step is to test using a full spectrum HEB. Assuming a successful second stage result the experiment will then start examining different combinations of crystals to determine which are required for absorbing backfire damage.