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Leave At

A beautiful little command that takes you automagically off a carriage at the specified stop. The below routes have confirmed the presence (or lack) of the command.


  • Lancre Kingdom Carriage
  • Mountain Carriage
  • Steppes Carriage
  • Uberwald Carriage
  • Vieux River Road Carriage

Not Present

  • Intercontinental Carriage
  • Djelibeybi Caravan

AMPO Route Activity

The mail carriage to Uberwald is either active during certain months or had a hiccup where the notes on poles weren't appearing. Let's figure it out by checking around the first and last of each month.


  • 23rd Ember Prime, UC 2038 (autumn)
  • 5th December Prime, UC 2038 (spindlewinter)
  • 2nd Ick Prime, UC 2038 (spindlewinter)
  • 3rd Offle Secundus (spindlewinter)
  • 19th May Prime, UC 2039 (spring prime)
  • 4th Grune Prime, UC 2039 (summer prime)

Does Not Run

  • early autumn (please update or remove when pre-Ember "early autumn" comes around again in UC 2039)