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You open the north door.
[Thieves' Guild hospital]
The hospital of the Thieves' Guild looks as though it once served as a judge's chambers, due to the various degrees hanging from the walls.  Tall windows take up the entirety of the north wall, allowing for a vague view of the carefully manicured gardens beyond.  An odd operating table stands in the middle of the room, and a few torn cots have been pushed against the walls.  Several layers of blood have laminated the floor, with a few fresh patches ready to be slid upon.  Two large sinks have been installed in the southwest corner, one of them containing unidentifiable chunks of meat in advanced stages of decay. Empty bottles are scattered about the floor, while the full ones are quite carefully stacked beneath the operating table.
There is one obvious exit: south.
Dr 'Dr Mr MD' Nimgimmer is standing here.
A lit torch is in a torch holder on the wall.
That took a lot out of you.  You're really in no state to be moving about with your left leg broken.
Hp: 977 (1335) Gp: 279 (279) Xp: 121572
You close the south door.
(Witches) Nashina wisps: Pool party at Creel Springs!
You say: please set my leg
Dr 'Dr Mr MD' Nimgimmer says: Oh, your leg ish broken?  I didn't notish.
Dr 'Dr Mr MD' Nimgimmer says: Lemme shee what I kin do.
You hand over your payment.
Dr 'Dr Mr MD' Nimgimmer says: Park yourshelf my table.
You lie down on the table.
Dr 'Dr Mr MD' Nimgimmer sits down.
Dr 'Dr Mr MD' Nimgimmer gives you a foot massage.
Dr 'Dr Mr MD' Nimgimmer mutters something about what the doctor ordered.
You feel a warmth suffuse your entire body, spreading from the head down.
Dr 'Dr Mr MD' Nimgimmer snores softly.
You feel a strange floating sensation and your thoughts drift aimlessly.
Your friendly hairy caterpillar cocks her head, making her antennae bobble.
Drifting on a fluffy cloud, you are only vaguely aware of someone moving and a sudden flash of intense pain, but it's a long way off and you're not that bothered by it. You feel something calling out to you and realise that it's your body.  Somewhat
reluctantly, you return to what passes for the real world.
Dr 'Dr Mr MD' Nimgimmer smirks at you.
You look down at yourself and see that Nimgimmer has set your left leg.  It feels as good as new.  You smile.
You say: heal me please
Dr 'Dr Mr MD' Nimgimmer exclaims: Ha! Go to your own gueld!