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With the ability to check gp in your prompt, I figured there was no reason not to have accurate gp usage info here... hence the following experiment.

While sitting at full gp and wearing the gloves, every half second or so I'd hit enter, and I'd note the timestamp when gp was consumed. The amount of gp consumed was always exactly 30, but the time between gp losses varied.

Time of GP loss Seconds since last GP loss
49:17 --
50:11 54
50:55 44
51:37 42
52:20 43
52:53 33
53:50 57

It appears that black leather gloves take 30 gp every (30 + random(30)) seconds (which averages out to 1-2 gp per heartbeat).

Iago 05:25, 7 December 2012 (UTC)