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Register is a command which you can use to help manage your different characters. What it does is add a character to a group of your registered alts. For example, if your characters were Alice, Bob, and Carol, you could log in as Alice and register Bob and Carol as your alts. That would make each of the three characters registered as alts of each other.

This can't be undone, since you're not allowed to give a character to someone else.


register <alt-name>
register [list]

The first syntax will allow you to register a particular character as an alt of the one you are logged in as. You'll be required to enter the password for the character you're logged in as, and the password for the character you're trying to register.

The second syntax will list all of your registered alts.


  • Having two characters as registered alts of each other allows you to import settings, aliases, and so on between them.
  • Creators (but not other players) can see who your registered alts are.
  • The MUD will prevent two characters that are registered alts of each other from logging on at the same time.
  • You can use the 60 command on your alts, optionally sorting them by date.
  • Using "alts" as an argument to the mailinfo command will give you the mailinfo for all of your alts.
  • The lockout command can optionally be used on all of your characters at once.

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