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Command information
GP Cost varies
Learnt At 100 in magic.items
Skills Used magic.items
Items Needed A magical artifact
Guild Wizards' Guild

Recharge is a wizard command which allows the user to recharge a magical artifact.

Recharge is learnt from the Lecturer in Recent Runes at 100 levels of magic.items. An attempt to recharge an artifact requires some form of power - this can be in the form of purple mineral powder, grey dust or a charged black sea shell. The power is then consumed by the command, adding charges the artifact (or simply crumbling into nothingness) depending on how much power was used. If the amount of powder or dust is not enough to charge an object even once the recharging process is aborted and the recharge is not executed.

Recharging is considered a very dangerous practise and should only be attempted by higher level wizards.

Failing makes the wand or staff explode; as well as destroying the item, it causes sometimes colossal damage to the wizard.

There's rumours that sparkling shelter and other wizard and priests shields may mitigate the damage. And there's that room south of one of the shops in the Sto Lat guild. But who's suicidal and rich enough to check?research

Presenting two bodies of research [1][2] in one table:

Item Identified GP Single Charge Backfire damage
balsa wand Wand of Eternal Light 240 ~60 pPP ~4200
black fluted wand Wand of Discharge 220 ~10 pPP ~2100
long white wand Skjodor's wand 220 ~4 pPP ~1500
red staff Frottjor's staff 210 ~2 pPP ~600
charred wand wand of infestation cleansing 200 ~3 pPP ~1100
blue crystal ring ring of recall 190 ~20 pPP ~3600
grey wand wand of anima gauging 180 ~10 pPP ~3500
pink crystal ring Ring of Power 180 ~30 pPP ~3500
Ring of Vigor ~20 pPP ~3000
Ring of Energy ~10 pPP ~2500
thin stick wand of artifact probing 180 ~8 pPP ~2700
pine wand wand of striking 165 ~1/2 pPP ~200
short wand wand of magic detection 155 ~2 pPP ~1100
oak wand wand of healing 55 ~1/5 pPP ~200
small stick wand of pickling 551 ~1/5 pPP ~100
yellow wand wand of garlic breath 25 ~2 pPP ~800

For what they do, until someone get around to it: Notes:

  • The ring of recall is rumoured to drop you near Cori Celesti. This is fatal, what with the ice giants...

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  2. (How did Ms. Demonwright get those damage numbers?!)