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There are three types of real estate on the Disc: player housing, player shops, and club housing. They may be rented from auction houses.

Real estate agencies

Note that in Ankh-Morpork and Djelibeybi, property rental is subject to tax which is under the control of the respective councils (and is able to be set to very high amounts). Tax rates can be viewed on the MUD website.


For Ankh-Morpork properties, there is an agency on King's Down, south of Deosil Gate.

Only Morporkian citizens may bid on property here.

Ankh-Morpork foreign real estate agency

This is the back room of the Ankh-Morpork real estate agency.

Bes Pelargic

For Bes Pelargic properties, there is an agency on the Street of the Smiling Dog, near the Hall of Records.

Only Agatean citizens may bid on property here.


For Djelibeybi properties, there is an agency on Market Street, west of the northwest side of the bazaar.

  • Only Djelian citizens may bid on property here.
  • Only two player houses may be directly rented here at the same time (although more may be rented from other players) (Rule #314).
  • Only one player shop may be rented here at once (Rule #314).
  • Citizens may not rent properties as proxies for non-citizens, though they may share properties with non-citizens (Rule #317).
  • Only those appointed by magistrates may bid on shops (Rule #319), and profits go to the treasury.


Ephebe citizens can bid on player houses and shops in of Ephebe in the Real Estate Agency in the citadel.

  • Only citizens of Ephebe will be able to bid on properties there.
  • You can only keep a property in Ephebe if you and your alts do not have a property of the same type (house or shop) elsewhere.
  • You can bid if you have only one other property of the same kind, but this means you will have one week to transfer your stuff and terminate one of the leases or you risk repossession by the estate agency.


For Ramtops and Uberwald properties, there is a stall in Lancre Town.

  • There is no citizenship requirement, but if you already own property either in the ramtops or elsewhere, you can't bid on the same type in the Ramtops.
  • Also, property may not be shared with someone who isn't allowed to bid on it.
  • Killing npc contractors that provide Real estate decoration will prevent you from bidding.
  • Furthermore, properties in Uberwald requires the bidder to have at least 200 guild levels since it is considered a dangerous area.

Decoration options

There is room for creativity here! (Not even mentioning a citizens' gallery in the Royal Art Museum of Ankh-Morpork. [1]) (There was a series in the AMD giving iconographs of people's homes at one point.)

See Real estate decoration.

Keeping your stuff

Warning.png WARNING: Based on the House Owner's Guide. Bugs and changes may have made it inaccurate. Research may involve being nailed to the Brass Bridge; doing it in Lancre might be safer. Maybe.
  • Items must be put in placed furniture for them to be saved on reboot or crash; things left on the floor will be lost.
  • Furniture must be placed so that they are part of the room description for them and the items in them to save. You can only place 10 furniture objects per player house room.
  • Furniture have item and size capacities to limit stuff stored inside it. Furthermore, player houses are not intended to be as secure as vaults. The added complexity and the great amount of items that can be stored means it's more likely that a bug will eat your stuff.
  • Taking furniture or things in furniture from player housing without being permitted should no longer be possible.
    • The exception is if the lease has ended, in which case items can be taken "freely" but will count as theft, and non-thieves will be heavied as a result.
  • Player shops are leased for a fixed period of time after which the lease ends.
  • Player house leases can also end if the player on the lease is absent for too long or if there's no money left in the account set for the lease.

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