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Razorback is a little town in the Ramtops.


Razorback is located deep in the Ramtops, with the nearest neighbor village Slice to the northwest.

Language and currency

The language in Slice is Morporkian (with an Lancrastian accent). The local currency is Lancre money.


Currently no player council governs Razorback.


In the middle of the village green there is a carriage stop for the Lancre Kingdom route.


All property in the Ramtops is handled from the real estate stall in the Lancre Town square.

Player housing

Three properties are available, scattered around Razorback.

Features of Razorback

  • From the diamond-shaped green located in the centre of the village:
    • The north road leads to Slice.
    • The main road leading west (over a bridge) and southwest heads to the rest of the Lancre kingdom.
    • A path going northwest from the main west road leads to a farm
    • A southern path dead-ends at a shrine of Small Gods.
    • A path under the bridge goes north to Firefly Lake.
  • Just outside the southwest end of the village, there is a path that leads to a waterfall.
  • Be careful if you are in the Duncum Inn's storeroom. You will become drunk (from the scumble fumes).
  • Smithies and repair locations include:
    • Razorback smith - smithy for fixing metal things (not jewelry), along the northeast road
  • Component items (non-plant) to be found:
    • Ash - Mad Gammer Nudity's cottage (small amounts)


Custom Shops

General Shops

  • Razorback village shop (NPC: Heinz Blauhimmel) is a general store.


  • The Duncum Inn (NPC: Lichtenstein) has a basic assortment of drinks. All are alcoholic, of course.


Priests's Guild

While there aren't true guild facilities in Razorback, a shrine of Small Gods may still be found.

Witches' Guild

There are no full guild facilities, but witchy things can be found here and there:


Wandering Unique NPCs
General NPCs
  • Children
  • Farmer
  • Shepherd
  • Villager
  • Animals to be found include: cat, goat, sheep, rat