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Razorback is a little town in the Ramtops.


The main road of Razorback comes from the south west. The closest towns in that direction are Creel Springs and Lancre Town. The road goes to the north east where it ends in Slice. Beware, if you don't watch your step on the way to Slice you can fall off the mountains.

Language and currency

The language in Razorback is Morporkian (with a Lancrastian accent). The local currency is the Lancre crown.


Currently no player council governs Razorback.


A diamond shaped village green is located in the centre of the village. From its north end a road leads to Slice. From its south end a path in south east direction passes by a cottage to end at the shrine of Small Gods. From its west end a road leads west over a bridge to then split up: there is one road in north west direction leading to a farm, but the main road leads out of the village in south west direction to the rest of Lancre kingdom.


In the middle of the village green there is a carriage stop for the Lancre Kingdom route.


Player housing

Player housing is in place in Razorback, three properties are potentially available.

Player shops

There are no player shops in Razorback.


  • The garden south of the fruitbat clothing shop contains various herbs
  • A smithy allows fixing of metal weapons and armour, it is not suitable for fixing jewellery though.
  • A shrine of Small Gods
  • The inn sells cider, whiskey, beer and scumble. Standing in its storeroom can make you drunk (from the scumble fumes).


  • Heinz Blauhimmel's general store sells lamps, torches, wellies, towels and robes.
  • Elmira creates custom fruitbat clothing in her cottage.


There are no guild facilities here.


General NPCs

  • villagers
  • children
  • shepherds
  • sheep
  • farmers

Unique NPCs

Other points of interest

  • Under the bridge a path leads north to the firefly lake.
  • Just outside the south west end of the village a path leads north west to a waterfall.