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Warning.png WARNING: The Rat Farm is a somewhat dangerous zone full of traps, auto attacking rats and human rat keepers that will join in fights with the rats (unless you don't melee and just cast spells).


The Rat Farm can be accessed through a hidden entrance off The Soake in Ankh-Morpork.

To reach the Rat Farm:

  • Move one northwest from the general store on The Soake and then one northeast
  • Type enter shed
  • If there is no exit going down, type move sacks which should reveal a hole to go down
  • Typing move sacks again will cover the hole back up. Covering and uncovering the hole resets the dungeon.


The Rat Farm is an instanced dungeon with a randomly generated map. Generally the Rat Farm generates with between 3 and 6 levels but more and less are possible.



These come in a number of varieties including Fat, Large, Round and Sleek. They auto-attack on sight. Although a weak NPC, they are considerably stronger than the other rats in Ankh-Morpork including Evil Rats. Although not dangerous on their own, there can be five of them in a single room which can fairly quickly deplete your health if you aren't prepared for them.

It is possible to cast Rugged Victor's Rodentia Vivisection on all rats in the room (if you have enough gp), making those rats explode if you are successful.

Rat Keeper

These are dwarfs tasked with keeping the rats. They will protect any rats in the same room. They can perform very weak specials but are generally not a very strong NPC.

  • They will join in fights with rats, but not if you queue casting spells so you're not dealing base rounds to the rats.

Rat King

These are groups of between 3 and 6 rats (indicated by the "tail" count) that are tied together by a silver ring.

  • Rat Kings are the least common NPC in the Rat Farm and most instances of the Rat Farm don't contain one.
  • The rat kings are much harder to kill than the other NPCs in the rat farm and have a couple of special attacks.
    • Firstly if you kill all of the other rats in the room with them they will "call" and new rats will run in an assist the king.
    • Their other special attack is a "squeak" which pierces the mind and does approximately 100-200 HP in damage. This damage appears to bypass shields and other defences.
    • These attacks can be triggered in fairly quick succession resulting in a fairly large loss in hitpoints.
  • Once the Rat King is killed, the rats that made it up scatter to surrounding rooms and leave behind a silver rat ring.
    • The silver ring has glowing eyes made of rubies embedded in it, the number of rubies indicate the number of tails the rat had. This seems to always be between four and six.
    • Each glowing eye is a charge that allows you to summon a rat to protect you.


There are a number of traps which trigger automatically upon entering a room.


A button is depressed, the floor creaks and then if you don't leave the room quickly enough you fall through a trapdoor losing some health. Having enough tumbling skill can save you from taking damage. You will also find yourself somewhere else in the Farm, this could be one of the levels below you or even somewhere else on the level you are currently on.

A small, unassuming half-brick depresses with a click as you put your weight on it.
The floor creaks ominously.
(two or three rounds of combat)
A trapdoor opens under your feet!

It's possible to avoid this trap without leaving the room:

A trapdoor opens under your feet!
You manage to leap over the opening trapdoor.


A button is depressed, a huge rolling boulder falls in from above and if you don't leave the room quickly enough you take around 400 HP in damage.

However TPAs can absorb the damage from the boulder, its not sure what impact the minor or major shields have  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 

The boulder will continue to chase you from room to room unless you leave to a different level.


A slit in the wall open then shortly after arrows are fired at you doing varying amounts of damage. These can be deflected with parry or dodged. Alternatively you can leave the room and wait for them to finish firing before re-entering.


You will see a line in the room description indicating that your way is blocked for an exit.

A tripwire is stretched across the southwest exit at around knee height.

If you try to leave in that direction without first cutting the tripwire with a sharp implement, you will take some damage and not be moved.

cut <tripwire> with <object>

Wood shavings

Some rooms contain a pile of wood shavings. You can sift shavings which results in a rat popping out and biting you for minor damage. It's unknown if the shavings contain anything else   research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. .

You search through the wood shavings and come up with a rather unhappy rat.  It savages one of your fingers and scurries back under the pile.


Silver Rat Ring

See: silver rat ring


Some rooms contain a locked chest.

  • A key may be elsewhere in the rat farm hanging on a hook.
  • They key can also be in a keeper's inventory.
  • It is reported that sometimes no keys spawn in the instance, but you can always lockpick the chest.

The chest contains rat farming items.


  • First you need to find a room with crates.
  • Then open crate until you find merchandise. Not all crates room might have merchandise.
  • Then get merchandise until it says there's no more in this room.
  • If you are lucky you'll find what you were looking for. If not, try again in another room with crates.

Types of merchandise:

  • Chainmail t-shirt‎‎, a piece of armour. Weight: 3 3/9 lb
  •  axe keyring This is a keyring with a tiny axe attached to it by a short chain. The axe looks just like a traditional dwarfish axe - one side is a pickaxe, for the extraction of interesting minerals, and the other side is a war axe, because the people who own the land with the valuable minerals in it can be so unreasonable sometimes. A cheerful slogan is printed all around the ring, and a little doodle of a smiling rat is printed on the blade of the axe, with its long tail trailing down the handle. This keyring was probably designed for the modern dwarf trying to get in touch with his, or her, ancestral heritage.

It is made of iron and appears to be a piece of jewellery. It can hold about 2 pounds, or fifteen items. , a keyring. Weight: 2/9 lb

  •  plush rat This is a big, cuddly plush rat. Its right hand holds a plush fork as if about to eat a meal, while it pours a bottle of plush ketchup over itself with its left, smiling invitingly. A slogan is printed on its plush, triangular hat. It looks very huggable.

The plush rat is about three feet long and about a foot and a half wide. It is made of plush. . Weight: 1 6/9 lb

  •  glass mug

This promotional mug is, rather than the usual small plastic affairs, just a glass pint mug like you'd find in a pub, with a slogan and a little doodle of a smiling rat printed on the side. Its wide base keeps it from being knocked over by drunken patrons, while its thickened glass helps to keep it from breaking when it inevitably gets knocked over regardless. Whoever this mug was made to appeal to, they probably like beer. The glass mug is about six inches long and about three inches wide. It is made of glass and looks like you could hold it. It can hold about 1 pound, about twenty items, or about 1 pint. , a liquid container. Weight: 4/9 lb

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