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A handy reference list for some of Discworld's aspects.


Enchantment stages

  1. It occasionally pulses with octarine light.
  2. It emits a slight octarine glow.
  3. It softly pulses in dull octarine shades.
  4. It gives off a steady, but dull, octarine glow.
  5. It gives off a steady octarine glow.
  6. It glows an intense octarine.
  7. It emits a bright octarine colour.
  8. It brightly pulses octarine.
  9. It glows brilliant octarine shades.
  10. It radiates pure octarine brilliance.

Delude stages

  1. It has a faint octarine shadow about it that disappears if you look at it squarely.
  2. It has a faint octarine shadow about it.
  3. It has an octarine shadow about it that flickers occasionally out of the corner of your eye.
  4. It has a flickering octarine shadow about it.
  5. It has a flickering octarine haze about it.
  6. It has the hazy octarine sparkle of a magical talisman.

Witch crystal


Colour Effect
Amethyst Firefly
Amber Bug shield
Aquamarine Water resistance
Emerald Earmuffs
Jet Anti-scry
Ruby Anti-tempt


  1. Crystal breaks.
  2. Crystal clear with a faint hint of colour.
  3. Crystal clear with a small coloured heart.
  4. Nearly clear with a faint cloud of colour.
  5. Clearing and has a swirling cloud of colour.
  6. Filled with a swirling cloud of colour.
  7. A swirling colour.
  8. Solid colour.
  9. Solid, shimmering colour.
  10. Solid, shining colour.
  11. Brilliant colour.

Condition stages

 % of
Item is <condition>
91 - 100 in excellent condition.
81 - 90 in very good condition.
71 - 80 in good condition.
61 - 70 in decent condition.
51 - 60 in fairly good condition.
41 - 50 in fairly poor condition.
31 - 40 in poor condition.
21 - 30 in really poor condition.
11 - 20 in very poor condition.
1 - 10 in atrocious condition.
< 1 a complete wreck.

Roleplaying mode skills

Bonus Description
0-50 Novice
51-100 Apprentice
101-200 Competent
201-300 Proficient
301-350 Skilled
351-400 Adept
401-500 Expert
501+ Master

Roleplaying mode languages

Ability Description
0-15 Novice
16-30 Apprentice
31-45 Competent
46-60 Proficient
61-75 Skilled
76-85 Adept
86-95 Expert
96-100 Master

Fence specialisation

Fence Location Specialisation Notes
Dodgy Bill Mad Stoat Weapons "Guild" fence
Artemis Felon Genua Weapons
Tiffany Glitter Pekan Ford Armour/clothes "Guild" fence
Shifty Jim AM, Thieves' Guild Armour/clothes "Guild" fence
Notorious Jones Bes Pelargic Jewellery "Guild" fence
Mariania Genua Armour/clothes "Guild" fence
Ragman Sto Lat Sto Lat gems
Jak Raplin AM, Troll's Head Weapons
Scrakkik Djelibeybi Armour/clothes "Guild" fence
Sol AM, Thieves' Guild Jewellery "Guild" fence

Liquid units

Unit Divisions Volume in drops Corresponding container
1 drop
1 teaspoon 20 drops 20 small <colour> glass phial, small clear glass phial
1 tablespoon 3 teaspoons 60
1 shot 5 teaspoons 100 shot glass
1 ounce 2 tablespoons 120
1 cup 8 ounces 960
1 pint 2.5 cups 2400 medium bottle, pint glass, large jar
1 quart 2 pints 4800
1 gallon 4 quarts 19200

Vessel fullness description

% filled Description
1-12 It is almost empty.
13-37 It is about one-quarter full.
38-62 It is about half full.
63-87 It is about three-quarters full
88-95 It is almost full.
96-100 It is completely full.

Vessel fullness adjectives

These determine when you can, for example, "locate totally full jar", "locate totally bottles", "locate kept full things", etc.

% filled Adjectives
0-4 Totally empty
5-13 Empty
65-94 Full
95-100 Totally full