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Quests are puzzles found in the MUD. Upon completion of a quest, you receive quest points, varying amounts of xp (depending on the quest level), a Creator Collector Card, and a title which you can choose to add to the end of your name (which shows up in "who"), that can be set with the command title quest (or title quest none or title quest random, if you prefer)

It is important to note that discussing quests on public channels and boards is severely frowned upon, being seen as spoilers. Many players like to attempt to find and complete quests without looking at the hints or solutions - please respect their desire to do so.

Also found on the MUD are achievements, which are not quests; they do not require figuring out puzzle elements to complete. They are publicly listed and can be freely discussed.

If you are willing to look at spoilers and complete solutions, you can head to:

Unofficial Quest Solutions

Experience points

Characters who complete quests receive as a reward a certain amount of experience points that increases with the level of the quest.

The level of a quest can be looked at on that quest's page, on the MUD website, on this wiki or with the quests command.

Quest level Experience points
1 15000
2 40000
3 75000
4 120000
5 160000
6 240000
7 310000
8 400000

These amounts are from the AM Daily edition 70 article "To XP or not to XP: That is the quest-ion".

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