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Maeko: since I can't seem to update the quest pages (even though I am a registered user), here is/are my update(s):


Q: What box at the Opera does the ghost occupy on opening night?

A: "seven plus one"

Emily: Like Maeko, I am unable to update the quest page despite being a registered user. Vin would like to point out on Proficient Horticulturalist there are 6 colors but 7 textures.

Know-it-all is part of the Quest:Ankh_quests page, it needs to be edited there. Proficient Horticulturalist is in the Quest:Eastern Morpork quests page. They should be editable for any registered users, but they need to be edited from the subpage where the quest is.

Naughty: Top Scorer quest requires 50+ bonus in to be able to score a goal