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BIRD FEEDER, in which you kept an eye out for someone's lunch. (2 QP)
Find a raven in Sto Lat and feed it an eye. It is usually in the Hill Street area, but does wander. It can be killed by other NPC animals and player's pets, so can be tricky to track down.

CABBAGE KILLER, in which you made cole slaw. (4 QP)
Go to the cabbage warehouse off Cabbage Street and Park Lane. When you get far enough into the warehouse (via hidden exits from the furthest room back with a shown west exit), you will encounter evil cabbages (which auto-attack). You need to kill 15 of these and give their corpses to Bartlehome, who is in his office next to warehouse entrance. The cabbages are very nasty and their corpses are heavy. Your body count does carry over logins. The hidden exits do not change and the area is mappable.

HIGH AND DRY, in which you avoided some brown water rapids. (4 QP)
When there is heavy rain or sleet in Sto Lat (anything less than heavy won't work), go down into the sewers. You can enter via the various manholes in the city- there is one just west of the Royal Market. Find a room with a shelf above the water line. When you hear the flood approaching, 'scramble' onto the ledge. When the flood goes past, you will get the quest.

PRISSY PUNTER, in which you punted a pedigree ponce. (2 QP)
Skills: A small amount of fighting.unarmed.grappling
Find any poodle in Sto Lat and 'punt' it.

RAFTER RAT, in which you went over the management's head. (5 QP)
Skills: 181 or less adventuring.acrobatics.balancing bonus, some ad.mo.cl.rock
Find a warehouse worker who is carrying a plank. He wanders the residential areas (south and east of the city, mentioned as residential and middle-class in the room descriptions). He'll complain that he needs the toilet, but can't go because of the plank. When he asks for your help, say yes to him and he will give you the plank. Go to the cabbage warehouse off Cabbage Street and Park Lane. Head into the warehouse until you get to the furthest room back, which has a west exit. Head through the following hidden exits: n,n,e,e,s. Climb up. You'll need some ad.mo.cl.rock to do so (320+ was needed with a burden of 46 percent). You'll need a bonus of at least 175 in adventuring.acrobatics.balancing (with a very low burden) to move along the rafters without falling. Keep moving along the rafters until you find a gap. Lay the plank across the gap and cross it. Past the gap you will find a secret attic to the south. Entering this room will get you the quest.

SUPERSTITIOUS, in which you gave in to silly beliefs. (2 QP)
Go to the statue of Moojipat, southeast of the souvenir shop on Heritage Hill. Rub the statue's right foot and you will be transported to a small chamber. Touch the orb to return to Sto Lat.

WELFARE OFFICER, in which you fought world hunger. (2 QP)
Go to the hovel off Lover's Lane (northeast of the city, by the cemetary). Give the mother in the hovel some food.