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Southwest Bes Pelargic quests

"Dragon Slayer", in which you gazed upon a beast. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Dragon Slayer

From the southeast side of Dragon Head Square in the Hong Fa District, climb the tree during the day time.

You will need more than 180 bonus (18%, no boots, empty hands, 50 tries) in

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"Romantic Gazer", in which you took a break and made a discovery. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Romantic Gazer

At night time, go to the gazebo on the east end of Corridor of Dragons in the Hong Fa district and "sit" on the bench.

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"Sentimentalist", in which you demonstrated a little control over expression. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Sentimentalist

Find Roger-san in Blue Moon Park in the Hong Fa District.  "lsay something", then "kowtow roger-san".  You then get the "emote" command.

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