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Slippery Hollow quests

"Hollow Hero", in which you solved the mystery of Slippery Hollow. (Quest level 8)

Discworld quest page for Hollow Hero

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"Hollow Recruit", in which you joined the fight to save Slippery Hollow. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Hollow Recruit

Skills: 101+ bonus in crafts.medicine.treatment.injury
Items: 12 Shillings

Go to the mansion in Slippery Hollow, and find Irkabod Stork in the study. Tell him "I want to help" (or "I wish to aid in the investigation"), then "yes", then say "checking in". He'll send you to buy the 3 different local guidebooks (red, brown and blue), which are sold by Agnetha Phedre in a house near the entrance to Slippery Hollow for 4 shillings each.
Return to Irkabod and say "checking in", and give him each book as he asks for them. Say "checking in" again, and he'll ask you to get another book for him (the title is Lancre's Forbidden History).

Now you'll have to complete the library puzzle. You're looking for "Lancre's Forbidden History", and you'll be able to use "Harrmorton's Illustrated Arsenal" as a reference.
You need to 'Seek "Harrmorton's Illustrated Arsenal"' and make note of the letter it gives you - it'll correspond to either the first, middle or last letter of one of the three words. You'll then need to 'seek "Lancre's Forbidden History" under _' where _ is the letter that corresponds to that position. For example, if "Harrmorton's Illustrated Arsenal" was found under A, you'd need to seek "Lancre's Forbidden History" under H.

There are 3 steps to the library minigame which must be completed in order. The first step's letter uses the book's name, the second step's letter uses the description, and the third step's letter uses some words on the first page.

For reference:
"Harrmorton's Illustrated Arsenal" is a "humongous foxed black" book with "For Neville Cloplaw" written on the first page.
"Lancre's Forbidden History" is a "weighty smeared brown" book with "Mysteriis Diabolica Perquor" written on the first page.

Once you complete the 3 steps, there will be a cutscene. Wait, and you'll be returned to Irkabod. Say "checking in" again, and then once more when he's done speaking. He'll send you to see Doctor Lancreman, who is in a house between the mansion and the main crossroads of Slippery Hollow. Head into the back room, where the corpse is.

You'll have to examine the various parts of the corpse, searching for the important clues. They can be found by examining the: angle, surface, tearing, crust and clots.

Once the corpse is examined, read the note. It'll tell you to create <opacity> <colour> chemical.

red+blue -> purple
red+yellow -> orange
yellow+blue -> green

clear+cloudy -> misty
clear+opaque -> swirly
cloudy+opaque -> translucent

The chemicals are mixed using:
mix <texture1> <colour1> and <texture2> <colour2> chemicals.

You'll then need to examine the left hand. This is where the crafts.medicine.treatment.injury check is required.

Finally, there is a piece of paper stuck in the right hand. You'll need to "manipulate" the correct sequence of fingers to open the whole hand. Each finger/thumb has it's own configuration of fingers that also move when you manipulate it. The easiest way to pass this minigame is to write down which fingers affect which other fingers and you should be able to solve it within a few moves.

When you complete the minigame, you will need to sit through another cutscene. When it's over, you can go back to the mansion and say "checking in" to Irkabod Stork for a final time to complete the quest.

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