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<u><b>LITTLE PIGGY, in which you discovered a new definition of posh. (1 QP)<br></b></u>
<u><b>LITTLE PIGGY, in which you discovered a new definition of posh. (1 QP)<br></b></u>

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LITTLE PIGGY, in which you discovered a new definition of posh. (1 QP)
Go to Muckloe's house on the eastern end of town and count Old Mucloe's toes. Then go to Goodwife Muckloe in the pigsty across the street, and tell her how many toes he has. Make sure to spell the toes - fifeteen, twelve, etc.

PIG PHYSICIAN, in which you helped create a healing oinkment. (4 QP)
Go to the pigsty on the east end of town. When one pig is looking ill, say something about the sick pig to the Goodwife there, and she'll send you to Millie. Ask Millie about the pig cure and she'll send you after three of the following items:
Comfrey1: "gather" it in the garden and grind it.
Ivy seeds: from the roof of Granny's house near Bad Ass.
Yarrow: "gather" it in the garden and grind it.
Peanuts: See the Ray of Sunshine quest, OR from the brown islands T-Ferry.
Honey: In the garden, open the hive and get a honeycomb from it. Inside, get a bottle from the shelf and "shake" the honey into it, then get the honey from the bottle.
Powdered frog: from the apothecary in AM near Apothecary Gardens.
Rosemary: "gather" it in Agnes Nitt's cottage.
Ladle: available in a general shop near the Weapon Master's Court on Vagabond Street in AM.
Paddle: see the Cheesy Goat Charmer quest in Razorback for paddle location.
Copper stick: see Rodent Aviation Expert quest in Mad Stoat.
Silver fork: Silver shop in Djelibeybi.
Give the ingredients to Millie and give the resulting concoction to Goodwife Muckloe when there's a sick pig in the room with her. You can also make the the concoction before Goodwife Muckloe asks you to help her, and give it to her later.

RAY OF SUNSHINE, in which you brought light to a despairing nut. (3 QP)
Items: a shovel
Items: two light sources, at least one of which is a torch
Buy a rope from the climbing shop and tie it to the spike at the northern dead end in town. Climb down and dig in rockfall with the shovel, then go southwest and light the torch to "illuminate" the bush. You'll get peanuts after a bit, which can be used in the Pig Physician quest.