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Highlight to view spoilers.

BETHAN'S BUDDY, in which you helped out a busy wife. (5 QP)

In the second house south on the west side of Vagabond Street in Ankh-Morpork you will find Bethan. Say that you will 'help' her. She'll tell you to bring her toilet paper, dentures, and hot water. The roll of toilet paper is in a nearby house on Vagabond street. For the dentures, go to the dentist's in the Flintwick Building. Wait around a while and the dentist will eventually come out. Say that 'cohen needs dentures' and he will give you a voucher. For the cup of water, go to the kitchen in the edible cottage in Skund Forest, southwest from Hillshire. Go back to Bethan and give the items to her.

DOG PAL, in which you were nice to an unusual animal. (4 QP)

Next to the wolf trail in Skund Forest there is a house with a big dog outside. Kill 5 wolves on the wolf trail. Carry/drag the corpses to the big dog and feed them to him. You will receive an amulet.

FRIEND OF TOURISTS, in which you helped a tourist get ready for his vacation. (4 QP)

Go to the house with the big dog. You'll have to do Dog Pal first, or kill the dog. Search the cookie jar in the kitchen to get a key. Go down to the basement, move the boxes and go through the door. Say 'twoflower misses you' and 'follow', and lead the Luggage to Ohulan-Cutash. Go upstairs in the Fiddler's Riddle Inn and enter the left room. Twoflower will give you his camera for returning the Luggage to him.

HILLSHIRE TOURIST, in which you visited scenic Hillshire. (2 QP)

Go to the campsite northwest along the road from Pekan Ford, and search the ashes. Take the tarnished ring from the circle and go to Hillshire, northwest then northeast from the campsite, and give the ring to the troll. A regular silver ring won't work.