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Scrogden quests

Scrogden is a town on the Sto Plains.

"Bane Of Farmer Giles", in which you got to the bottom of a bloke's problems. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Bane Of Farmer Giles

Go to the sitting room in the house and get the salt shaker and bottle from the table. Pour salt on the slug in the garden and take the dried slug. Empty/Drink the dressing bottle and put the slug in it. Outside there is a room with a shadoof, "pull down on shadoof", then "fill bottle from shadoof". Go back to the house and into the kitchen, and put the bottle on the stove to make slug soup. Give the bottle to Hughoc.

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"Net Profiteer", in which you made fishy profits using a net. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Net Profiteer

Items: A fishing rod
Items: A shovel (might find one lying around Scrogden)
Take the shovel and rod and find Calvert in Scrogden. Talk to him about fishing and he will tell you he needs a rod and worms. Go south along the path until the room description talks about wormy earth, and dig with shovel in ground to get the worms. Go back and give Calvert the rod and then the worms. You will receive a net. Go to Gretchen with the net who will fix it and return it to you. Go back to Calvert and fish with net.

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