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Netherworld quests

"Entering the Netherworld"

Look for a camel called Sadistic Git in the Djelibeybi stables near the army barracks and attack it. It should kick you straight to the Netherworld. To get Misty to appear you have to say "Misty".  You need to be guild level 50 to get into the Netherworld, otherwise Sadistic Git just kicks you into the next room.

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"About the Netherworld"

Rituals (and prayer) do not work here, so if you die, you'll need to leave before you can get resurrected.  You won't be able to leave if you haven't done the Riddle Master quest, though, so in that case you'll need Misty to raise you.  She will appear if you say "Misty", or (apparently) if you try to leave and are stopped.

While in the Netherworld, your tells will be turned backwards (this effect is visible to you). You could then take your backwards tells and copy them into new ones in order to get understood. Group messages are not affected though.

Moving around on the wall (the wall mentioned in the quests below) appears to take no skill or gp.  However, if you try to take an exit that doesn't exist, you will fall and take some damage.  This appears to be around 500-600 hp from some of the higher rooms, and under 200 from the lower ones.  When you move right or left, you're edging along the wall in the specified direction--not turning to the right or left as you do in the UU library and similar places.  This does make retracing your path easier.

A hideous man-eating wombat of death is in the Netherworld, and moves around at least somewhat (it does seem to spend long periods of time in one place).  It does not seem to be aggressive.

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"Brainbox", in which you scored a victory over a good loser. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Brainbox

Say "Misty" and "Alphabet Game". Misty will tell you the name of a player, you must respond with the name of another player whose name starts with the last letter in the name that Misty has just spoken (e.g. Misty says "Hackophile", you should respond with something like "Ellaron"). You lose if you choose a name that has been used before or the player isn't at least a week old, and both offline and online player names can be used. Keep this up until she gives up (at around the 40th name she will give up).

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"Really, Really Nice", in which you became really, really, really well liked. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Really, Really Nice

You seem to get this quest when you have worked hard to get Misty happy and complete the tasks asked of you. This will also make Junior fly you to one of three locations, The bone yard, the rope room or KLK.

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"Restorer of Oddities"", in which you returned someone odd to someone strange. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Restorer of Oddities"

You need withered thingies that you can find by searching the bone yard. The quest sometimes requires two, sometimes three. Say "Misty" and give her the withered thingies. She will like you a bit more than before. Note: Give them one at a time or you may not get credit for them.

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"Riddle Master", in which you found the means of escape from a chilling place. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Riddle Master

You need one huge grey round ball that you can find by searching the bone yard. From the south east corner: climb wall, up, up, up, up, right, right, up to find a cub in a den with an east exit. Drop the ball to occupy the cub and go east. When you search the glass you find a disc. Go back, get the ball and this time give it to the cub rather than just dropping it. It will crack it and you can just open the ball to make it crumble so the book falls out. Give the disc and the book to the Sphinx and answer one riddle. The answers to the riddles, ordered by page number: -->  1. E.;2. Candle.;?. Man; 4. Wind; 5. Nothing; 6. Riddle; 7. mountain
Say "What is the riddle?" if nothing works. This will allow you to freely leave the Netherworld if you wish by heading north past the sphinx. You will then end up on the southern side of the Djelibeybi bazaar.

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"Sadistic Coach", in which you justified the means, nasty though they were. (Quest level 3)

Discworld quest page for Sadistic Coach

Search around in the bone yard until you find three huge grey round balls. Then you need to make your way by climbing to one of the baby sphinx dens. One is described in "Riddle Master", the other one can be reached by climbing straight up from the south east corner of the bone yard. Use the three rubber balls to teach the sphinx to fly by throwing a ball. Do this three times. Eventually the cub will learn how to fly, and Misty will like you a bit more than before.

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"Tender Hearted", in which you gained a friend indeed. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Tender Hearted

The first part is optional. Climb the wall up (From the south east corner: climb wall, up, up, up, up, right, right, right, down, right, up, up, up to Sphinx Junior and listen to his story. Climb down again, call for Misty and tell her that Junior is really sorry. Misty will like you a bit more than before.

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"Touchingly Thoughtful", in which you preserved the right moment for ever and ever. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Touchingly Thoughtful

You'll need to buy an incredibly stupid looking sphinx costume from the costume shop on Endless Street (just south east of Cheesemongers yard) in Ankh-Morpork. Inside a hut you can enter from the south most room of the bone yard is Nightvid who would love to watch sphinxes, but they don't come near enough. Give the costume to Nightvid, and in exchange he will give you a picture frame. Call for Misty and give it to her, she will like you a bit more than before.

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"Wielder of Klangs", in which you earned the use of a most annoying weapon. (Quest level 6)

Discworld quest page for Wielder of Klangs

To complete this quest you will need to have 2 others to help you. Player A needs to climb the rope where Junior is (at the edge of the plateau) - say 'take me to the rope'. Player B will need to go to Misty's house (say 'house' to Misty when on good terms) and find the bracelet in the house. They will then need to go up the platforms from the balcony whilst wearing the bracelet till they see a dark object below them. They must then take the bracelet off and go south and they will fall to the wheel house. In this room they need to spin the wheel to keep the rope from slipping off once the quest starts for real. Player C needs to have a dagger and be where the rope is (do the same as player A to get Junior to take you to the rope). When all are ready: Player A 'climb rope', Player C at the rope needs to 'cut rope' and the person in the wheel house need to turn the wheel over and over ('turn wheel'). This will cause the main person doing the quest to swing through the air. Once they see the sphinx they just need to 'get sword'. If all goes well they should end up with the Klang.

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