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COCKTAIL ADDICT, in which you enjoyed a variety of beverages. (4 QP)

Items: 30-40 crowns
Order 20 different beverages from the bar upstairs. The "regular" drinks count too, and the specials periodically change. Only 3-4 specials are listed at a time, in addition to the 3-4 regular drinks, so it can take a while to get 20 different drinks. You don't need to drink them, just to buy them.

COOL DRESSER, in which you discovered some really Cool things to wear. (4 QP)

Items: Sunglasses from the general store in Slice (nowhere else)
Items: V-neck shirt from the general store in Mad Wolf
Items: Black silk vest from the general store in the Unnamed town just east of Escrow
Go into the Temple of the Monks of Cool and find the Fashion Police. Wear the three items of clothing and go south past the member of the Fashion Police. If you are able to get into the shrine, you should be awarded the quest.
Note: Clothing items can only be used once for this quest.