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Mad Stoat quests

"Rodent Aviation Expert", in which you bounced a mouse around a house. (Quest level 2)

Discworld quest page for Rodent Aviation Expert

Items: cheese (from the cupboard in the kitchen in the Stylish Thief house)
Items: a knife
Go to the witch's cottage on the east end of town.  Cut the cheese in half, put 1 slice on the table, "rock" the chair, and put 1 slice on the spring.  This will give knock down the copper stick used in Demon Squeezer (Lancre Town).

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"Soap Groper", in which you picked up the soap. (Quest level 1)

Discworld quest page for Soap Groper

Items: a knife
Go to the witch's cottage on the east end of town.  Go to the kitchen and "pull" the chain in the basin, then hold the knife and "scrape" the flakes in the basin.  This will give you soap used in the Demon Squeezer quest (Lancre Town).

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"Stylish Thief", in which you stole items from the thieves' treasure trove. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Stylish Thief

Skills: 191 covert.manipulation.stealing bonus(non-thief). Different for thief? (please confirm)
Skills: 100 adventuring.perception bonus
Skills: 150 covert.lockpick.doors bonus
Go to the dark house on the southwest edge of town.  In the entry, "move rug" and go down.  The rogues will attack any non-thieves over guild level 25, and prevent non-thieves from going down.  Go down again, possibly needing "sneak", and more rogues will say hi. Go to the dark alcove and search.  If you can see a hole, lockpick lock.  If you fail, you'll take a little damage.  When you succeed, you'll end up in another room, where you can "steal daggers".  You'll lose a lot of hp if you fail, but not enough to die if you're healed up.  If you succeed, you get two thieves' daggers.

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"Well Fisher", in which you gave a desperate frog much needed release. (Quest level 4)

Discworld quest page for Well Fisher

Skills: 175 or less other.movement.climbing.rope bonus
Skills: 150 or less covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand bonus
Items: a hammer, or the copper stick from Rodent Aviation Expert (note: a custom wizard's staff worked too, maybe any sufficiently heavy weapon)
Go to the house from Stylish Thief and go upstairs.  Break the mirror with a hammer and get the key.  Go to the burnt shop on the short street just before the witch's cottage.  Go into the shop with the key, then go east and lift the loose floorboard.  Get the box from the hole, open it, and get the doll.  Go to the pond at the northwest end of town, and give the doll to Maggie.  Get the net, and go to the well near the centre of town.  "crank" the winch (make sure the bucket is down) and climb the rope to descend into the well, and "fish" for the frog with the net.  Climb back out and go back to the pond, then release the frog.

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