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Holy Wood quests

"Film Editor", in which you edited the film for "Blown Away". (Quest level 3)

You'll need some to do this, about 110+. After entering the studio (see Sneaky Entrant or Matchmaker), go to the Cutting Room, open the closet, and get the overalls, mask, and gloves from the closet.  Wear them to avoid damage in case things go Wrong.
Go to Gaffer Bird's shed and get the script for Blown Away, then to the store room to get the film can.  In the cutting room you need to search twice for a pair of scissors and film.
Edit the film.

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"Funeral Director", in which you helped a lost soul rest in peace. (Quest level 1)

Go to the disused hut on the east side of the dunes at the north end of Holywood. Drag or carry the corpse of Deccan Ribobe to the western edge 
o the dunes, drop it, and bury it where the room description says it looks like a good place to rest.

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"Matchmaker", in which you acted as cupid to a courting couple. (Quest level 1)

Gather flowers at the hill summit (south of the dunes) and give them to the Detritus who is standing outside the film studio.

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"Shoplifter", in which you stole from the shop of a little old lady. (Quest level 1)

Ask to try something on in Mrs Cosmopilites' shop (syntax try) in Holywood. Stand on the chair in the changing room and climb out of the window.

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"Sneaky Entrant", in which you found a backway in when the guards refused entry. (Quest level 1)

Go to the west end of the alley that runs north of the film studio. Twist the boards in the fence to climb through.

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"Substitute Thespian", in which you acted the part in the flicks. (Quest level 4)

Skills: 105+ bonus required in other.movement.riding.camel, ~25 levels of 
Buy a false moustache, a prop sword and a pair of baggy trousers from Mrs Cosmopilites' shop in Holywood. Wearing your new costume, go to the studio (see Sneaky Entrant or Matchmaker) and find the director who will think that you're Victor.  Play out the scene as follows: 
ride camel
fight trolls
kiss ginger

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